laying the ground work: accessibility and other common questions

Ok, so before we go further, I must tell you that I access the computer with screen reading software. I’m not great at blogging, I am learning. Somehow, I can’t edit successfully, so if I make a mistake in spelling, etc, it has to stand because I can’t seem to hear where the cursor is moving in “edit mode.” That won’t mean anything to most of you, just know that I will try composing all of my posts in a text editor before posting them, but if I don’t, and if I make a spelling error/etc, it will have to stand. Sorry! Oh, while I enjoy music very much, I refrain from putting it here because I know how  difficult it is to hear when you are trying to listen with a screen reader. And, there will be little to no graphics. I hope that my text will be enough to  hold your interest. But, for you “light dependent people,” who must receive visual stimulation in order to keep your interest, I will try to post pics from time to time.  Oh, Screen reading software is speech output software. Basically, it reads the text that is on the screen. It also reads the text as I try to navigate the screen. It does not recognize graphics.


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