The first Entry

I have tried blogging before and (while I journal quite often) I stopped submitting it on the internet. I will try to do better. I am directly motivated by communication; so respond often!


There are several things that I enjoy thinking about and have made my attempts to blog about.
I have grown children and can talk about the joys and disappointment of motherhood.
I am blind and can talk about living with a disability, blindness specifically. I could elaborate on the National Federation Of the blind.
I have a social work degree with a sociology minor and could talk about societal constructs as well as the act of service.
My children are half white and half black (African American)and I  can blog about racism  and raising intercultural children.
I have been unmarried for many years and raised my children on my own. I could blog about being a single parent.
I can talk about the effects of infidelity, a manipulative x and divorce
Oh, and I am a Christian and he is a muslim. I could have endless discussions on faith, spirituality, Christ’s teaching and interfaith dialog.
Did I mention that I am significantly older than he is, so I could talk about the culture of Age Gap relationships.
But, this part of my blog is about Imran and while I touch on all of these things and then some; this part of my blog will focus on our relationship and life together.
I do reserve the right to expand my subject matter when I become too lazy to post different blogs on different topics or when they effect our present relationship.
I only mention his name because there are many who have the name “Imran,” and frankly, for you to understand my blog, I feel the need to be transparent. I realize that this brings with it many hazards, but I want everyone to know that I am a real person and this is a real journey. I am not embarrassed by what I write and stand firm to tell it as I view it.
I will be posting my story “Before Imran” either in a different blog, or at least give a link to anyone who cares to read it.
This is me: authentic and I don’t want to hide under any cloak of secrecy.
This journey: the interfaith, the intercultural one has already been quite trying, but we both hang in there.
With our particular relationship, there are just too many variables to keep quiet.
Maybe someone else reading this blog will take solace.
I will speak to the various issues that we face and I will try to be honest.
The only thing that I dislike about 
the blogs of many women in similar situations  is that they rarely mention conflict or difficulties or challenges.
I understand her desire not to be that open in an internet venue.
first, no one (she might feel) needs to know such things.
And, people might just criticize her for those challenges.
And, she might feel too volnerable to do so.
It seems that many people do.
But, for anyone who has been in a relationship with a Pakistani,
is blind with a blind spouse,
is in an intercultural, interfaith or age gap relationship,
needs for me to be quite honest about my struggles and defeats.
I will try to be honest and forthcoming with each and every emotion and experience.
I will be honest about my short comings, while in this intercultural/interfaith relationship.
I do this because I think that maybe someone reading this will take comfort.
There will be things that I suggest that won’t work for you and some things that I have a particularly difficult time with that my readers will not.
You will feel comforted: “At least I don’t have that challenge.” Then, there will be things that I find quite easy that you don’t.
But, this is one woman’s story.
There is just too much of my life that has passed and too much that I have yet to blog about.
I ENJOY COMMUNICATION! Please email me and leave any comments. I want you to understand my life and I welcome any thoughtful opinions.
 While polite and encouraging comments are certainly welcome and appreciated, a dialog of discussion, shared views, etc is preferable.
Not only do I want you to get to know me, but I want to know anyone who decides to read my blog and enjoys hearing about my life.
My blog is not meant to be lecturous dribble: but my attempt at communicating with everyone on the internet.
I will answer all messages — unless they are spurious or exhibit distasteful motives.
I would like Imran to post with me so that you hear his perspective, but frankly, he is much too private and that ‘ain’t gonna happen.’
So, I will try to give an accurate account of his side, etc.
I must admit now that there are things that I don’t want to mention and there are probably some things that I will leave out because out of respect for Imran, they are just much too personal to mention.
I will not hold back, however, when I am discussing my personal challenges and thoughts on most subject matter.

Any personal contact (email me) will yield direct communication.
Maybe my journey can help others. Maybe we can share our lives and tips to make our journeys more bearable. Maybe you can feel joy at my happy moments and derive pleasure from the things that I write.
I understand that many are more wise than I and I would benefit greatly from your counsel, suggestions and never shy away from opinions, no matter how unlike mine they are.
Please, however, always be respectful when sharing.
I am not technologically savvy, so if you want me to link to your blog or tag you or whatever, you will have to explain it step by step.
And, leave your blog address so I can stop by.

about me:
I am a blind woman, now in my 40’s. I have grown children.  I have a social work degree. I have many hobbies. I live in a small town, but will migrate to a larger city, soon.
That is just too many “I statements” and makes me feel quite shallow.


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