language learning on the net

I am still learning Urdu.
It is hard because Imran is only sometimes available and even though he speaks Urdu and English quite well, he still can’t explain “why” something is the way it is and how to help me remember it.
I do ask for his help, but have found that he should not be my main source of learning Urdu.
He does not have the time, patience or inclination.
While he applauds my efforts and results, he can’t be the one to teach me.
So, I have looked for a teacher.
Now, remember
1. my computer is slow
2. I live in a very small town (for the moment)
3. I have web accessibility issues
I have tried: (a waste of money — which I am embarrassed that I paid) [Gladly, Imran does not read my blog and I will never tell him of this horrid mistake]. (smile) (not a language learning site, but has many from different parts of the world)
and many others.
seems to be the most helpful.
I still have web accessibility issues and can not do many of the exercises.
But, I can create flashcards and then take tests on my flashcards.
I can also help others with their English.
Steadily, I am getting quite a number of people to ask me to help them with their English. They are not committed and most often want me to help them with business letters.
One guy even wanted me to write his entire paper (twice). I could not understand how on earth he was studying in the USA. He must have bribed someone to help him pass the toefl.
I am not kidding. I did help with one paper, but never again.
In any case, after reading
Gori Girl’s blogs on language and finding Live mocha,
I decided to renew my efforts.
So, I am making flashcards.
If anyone has any lessons or tips, I’d love to have them.
Oh, is another great website.
Someone did give me a wonderful Urdu/English dictionary and that is when I first noticed that
… … the letters were not in order.
I had to resist the urge to alphabetize it acording to the english alphabet. (smile)

You should check out Gori Girl’s blog about language. I concur, but don’t have the energy to A. reproduce it and B. summarize it. I have a journal entry on my computer about learning the language of your partner, but I will have to dig it out from somewhere.


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2 Responses to “language learning on the net”

  1. Sara Says:

    A said that he and Imran talked about the difficulties of teaching language. For A, it’s even more difficult because he understands Gujarati effortlessly but has to think to construct his own phrases. I’ve bought a few books (I think less is on the web for Guj than Urdu, and definitely less than Hindi), and what we find is that, if I try to pronounce a word or make a phrase, he can tell me if it’s right or wrong and can usually correct me once something’s “on the table.”

    • jamily5 Says:

      Hi, I think that I am going to have to pay someone to help me learn Urdu. But, I have always been fascinated with languages. the problem is that even if you learn a language in High School, you might not remember it because you don’t practice it. Yeah, it must be hard when you hear and know the language, but have to think to construct your own sentences. I have never thought of that before.

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