“Kiya Tum Mujhay madad karo gay?” Can you help me?

Ok, I just can’t pronounce those Urdu words. I am trying. At first, I tried with the alphabet. But, the sequence of letters were even different. I decided to concentrate on conversation.
I can’t do that pictionary thing. And, braille Urdu is not widely known, so learning an alphabet might be mostly a waste. But, I am up in the air about that one.
So, for the time being, I am learning phrases.
such as:
“Aap kaysay ho?”
“Main theek hoon.”
“Main nay aap ko takleef dee?”
“Did I offend you?”
“Tumhara din kaysa raha?”
“How was your day?”
body parts, adjectives, greetings, common phrases, etc.
I am trying that livemocha program, but it requires sight to drag and drop, as well as recognize the picture and match it to the word.
So, this sight has limited capability.
I do help others with their English, however.
LiveMocha is a free language exchange site.
Look me up, if you want.
Those who know Urdu can check out my flashcard sets and suggest others to add.
This is one of the only parts that is accessible.
I can make flashcards and then be quizzed on them.
There are also writing suggestions and I try to write a paragraph about something.
I am horrible at it. But, I do try.
I end up correcting many people’s english.
Somehow, I can’t find the button to either view or add audio. So, I only correct the written submissions.

When I get moved, I will go to our Indian Center on 56th and … … something, and post a flyer asking for assistance. I don’t know if this will yield anything, but I am willing to give it a try.


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