more Urdu: in prep for wedding

Ok, I am trying to learn Urdu.
Since I have dedicated myself to learning a bit, i had decided to write some marriage commitments.
These would be commitments that I would make to my soon-to-be spouse.
But, his family is not going to be there for the wedding. I want to include them as much as possible:
but, come on, only the wealthy can travel to Pakistan for weddings and while I am reading blogs of people who are doing just that: we won’t be any of them.
We just don’t have the money to do so.
So, I want to translate some of my commitments(actually, I wanted All, but the way I write and the length of my commitments — intro/14commitments/conclusion) into Urdu.
Here is what I have so far:
“Mayray hamsafar, mayray Mehboob,
Mein sab kay samnay jo khushi kay iss mokay par ikathay huay hein, aapni musarat aur muhabbat ka izhar kar rahi hoon”
For people who don’t speak Urdu:
It is basically:
“My beloved, my companion, I am both excited and honored to profess my love as witnessed by all who have gathered to share in our joy.”
1. “Mein Hamaysha tamari koshishon kee honsla afzai karoon gee, Hamaysha tumharay leeay behtar chahchoon gee, aur hamaysha tumhari kamyabion kar fakhar mehsoos karoon gee.”
” I will encourage you in your endeavors, always wanting the best for you and will exude with pride in your accomplishments.”
Ok, now is that a start or what?
ha, those few lines have not even scratched the surface. And, Urdu is much longer than English — in print and most definitely in braille.
And, now you know how I write. “encourage you in your endeavors… … Exude with pride….” I couldn’t keep it simple.
(blush blush)
I have my work cut out for me.
Imran says that he will translate bit by bit when he sees me progressing.
But, I think that he is doubtful.
I am actually a bit worried, but I choose to use this particular instance as a symbol of how I will react to future challenges.
I am going to practice on this until I can say it flawlessly and then continue.
No, I am not memorizing them.
But, I want to not stumble over the words and try to get the right inflection.
And: it is my wedding. If I want to stand for an hour reeling off my various vows and commitments, it should be my choice.
does that seem a bit selfish… … stubborn… … ? maybe.
But, I’ll only do it once. And, maybe, in a different frame of mind, I will relent.
Just not today (smile).


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2 Responses to “more Urdu: in prep for wedding”

  1. Sara Says:

    Before going to the courthouse, we went to a bridge in town that had special meaning for us and said vows we had written together. It included traditional Christian vows (because we were not having a church wedding), pieces we liked from vows we found online, and pieces we wrote ourselves.
    After we got home from everything, I took leftover bookmarks (we made them as favors for our reception, letting people know we were donating to and what that is) and reprinted them with the seven steps (my favorite part from the Hindu wedding ceremony, essentially vows from financial responsibility to ethical/healthy eating, from loyalty to spiritual encouragement) and then with our own vows. I would set one out each day; A totally loved it. (smile)

    • jamily5 Says:

      that sounds wonderful! OK, you have the job! I think about things, but am not sure how to execute, and am always afraid that it will go flat, so don’t. But, this sounds great and made things wonderfully meaningful!

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