Trip to our state capital

This is actually close to the date posted.
On January 31 of 2010 to February 4, 2010, I went on a trip to DC. Yes, that is Washington DC (District of Columbia) our nation’s capital. I am a member of the NFB (National Federation of the Blind). We were there to talk about legislation that would effect the blind.
We discuss
1. a technology bill of rights which will mandate that businesses make their electronics and appliances accessible. This is not difficult, Apple already does it. But, keyosks, self check outs, scanners, ATMs and appliances are not accessible.
2. desiring a sound (small engine sound) on the quiet hybrid cars so that we can hear the parallel or perpendicular traffic.
3. phasing out the SSDI (social security that some blind people receive) instead of a abrupt end after the person makes more than $1,640 monthly. It is a three-to-one phase out, but will ease blind people off of Disability income.

First, I attended a leadership seminar for parents of blind children and learned how to start, maintain and expand a group. I learned how to plan a seminar and hope to do so in the future.
I have some pics of myself and a few others on capital hill. I will post them, if someone helps me.
One of the blogs that I visit often is owned by someone who lives in DC and I tried to connect with her, but it did not work out.
Imran and I have decided that one of the things that we will do as a couple is to frequent Indian restaurants and rate them. Of course, it is according to his Pakistani taste buds and if there is a specific “Pakistani restaurant” in the area, we will go there instead. But, we will travel to different states and try to get a feel for the various restaurants. I wished that he had gone on that trip with me, so we could start critiquing.
We did not get a tour of the whitehouse. We spoke mostly to aids. My dog hated the escalators (Atlanta holds the record for the longest amount of time that one spends on one escalator), talked with many taxi drivers (Hey, one was even a woman) and met many interesting people. I thoroughly enjoyed DC., even if we did get stuck in Atlanta because of the snow. I would have enjoyed it even more, however, if he had been traveling with me.


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