My life in hearts

a few days ago was Valentine’s day.
Imran and I were not together and we talked on the phone. He wanted to get our favorite: Pizza. It is not that Pizza is “our favorite,” but it is the only restaurant that delivers and Imran has bought me pizza in the past when he has noticed that I was quite tired and did not want to cook for myself.
Now, maybe if there was another restaurant that delivered, there would be a variety, but: hey, we have to work with what we got!
Well, Ky beat him to the punch. My youngest son bought me pizza and cinnamon sticks to last for a couple of days.
That was quite nice of him.
I had hoped that my other children would call. I know, I did not call them and I could have. I just hoped that they might call on that day.
But, it was nice to spend the day with Ky.
I then realized that I should not be so negative.

So, my reflections are as follows:

Sometimes we can get so bogged down thinking about things that “we don’t have.” We see everyone else’s life and think that their life, somehow is better than ours.
So, let me take a bit of time to tell you A. what I love about my life
B. what I love about my most wonderful and loving companion.
My life:
1. My first must be my relationship with God. Sure, there are times when I know that I have turned away from God. But, I have the freedom to pray and read my Bible whenever I want and the desire to try to gain more wisdom from God. I want to expand those wonderful qualities and characteristics that I have been given and attempt to reduce the negative characteristics and qualities that I possess.
2. I have a loving companion, caring family and some close friends whom I talk with, laugh with and am able to share my emotions with quite regularly. My mother, father, sisters and children are all still living and we enjoy each other’s company on a regular basis. I might not agree with their life decisions, but we all (especially my children) make a sincere effort to strengthen our bond as a family.
3. I get to do one of my favorite hobbies: Learn. Learning not only stimulates my mind, it makes me feel wonderful and is beneficial in so many ways. Imran buys me any book that I want to read. The internet provides a wealth of knowledge on any subject and I enjoy finding facts and theories that I can apply to my life to make it better.
4. Moving is an adventure. I am not sure when it will happen, but I know that I am in for some interesting experiences. I won’t be bored and each experience will help me grow as a person.
5. I am gaining more confidence by traveling by myself and becoming more involved in groups and organizations.

My companion:
1. His heart is pure and strong. When he loves, he loves deeply. He does not take any commitment or feeling of love lightly. His heart is not out there on his sleeve, but he presents it to me and I know the love that resides in it.
2. He is determined and persistent. Now, of course, this could be a bad thing. But, when I see him commit with his words and follow it up with his deeds: it just melts me. It is wonderful to see A. a guy who stands by his commitments and B. someone who is willing to work hard for what they want. Of course, this is within reason, because he is more commited to his family than a career.
3. He is tender hearted. There is no yelling, shouting or tantrems. Often he reaches for compromise. In an argument, he fights fair. His goal is never to humiliate or degrade me. Yes, sometimes he can be a “right fighter,” but he never seeks to win the argument by personally attacking me. And, when he has offended me, he is quick to apologize.
4. he is intelligent. I can’t help it, I am a sucker for an intelligent humble guy. I know: there seems to be more and more computer guys, but, I like to see him putting his brain to work. And, he does try to learn about other subjects, also. So, he is always seeking to expand his mind, which in truth, is even more appealing than the fact that he is a brilliant mathematician. Yes, I go for the nerds!
5. He is humble. I have rarely seen him arrogant. He knows that he is blessed with some great qualities, but he does not make others feel superior if/when they don’t display the same aptitudes.
6. He is supportive. Despite some of his insecurities and/or misgivings: he makes every attempt to encourage and support me. He wants me to achieve and he does not feel that my achievements ever rival his own. That is, he is not jealous of my accomplishments. Sometimes, I know that he puts his own feelings of fear aside to support me. He wants for me to have success in any/all of my endeavors and will make attempts both in word and action to help me achieve my goals.
7. He has always been a good listener. Maybe it it is just because it is “me” who is talking. But, he listens to all of my stories: the ones about childhood, my friends, my thoughts, my feelings, etc. And, he can (if he is not sleepy: which he will rarely admit to), repeat or affirm what I have said.
8. His memory is amazing. I can’t get into arguments about “you said,” or “don’t you remember,” because if we disagree, I am almost always wrong. But, that memory is one of his best qualities.
9. He is quiet and a bit shy. This means that he does not let his mouth get ahead of his thoughts. He speaks when he has something worth saying and not just to hear himself talk. This also means that he reflects on what he is going to say before he says it… … (usually). This also means that he does not make a promise without considering the rammafications.
10. He is quite affectionate. No explanation required.

Now, I will remember this when I start to dream of that eutopia world with that perfect dream guy!


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