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Ok, I am resigned to the fact that no one reads this blog.
Maybe my children will read it after I am gone.
I have not yet elaborated on how depressing it is to not have a job when you are 40 and have moved to a larger city for just that reason.
And, I have yet to update any readers — (yeah right) on my relationship with Imran.
But, I must broaden my blog’s scope to include some of my thoughts because it is just too time consuming to make another blog.
Although, I reserve the right to do just this very thing in the future, if I so desire.
I posted the following message on facebook:
” The NY Post video of a man who helps a woman being mugged. He is then stabbed and dies on the pavement. 25+ people walked by. R you less likely to come
to someone’s aid in a city? R you’re less likely to help than years ago? R we morally required to help someone in need? Christian response? story:

Remember, I only have 400 characters to post.
Not one person responded.
Yet, people will comment to status changes such as
from Christine:
” Ace the cat just tried to drink water out of my cup. ewwwww,”
From Amanda:
” wants a PS2 (or 3) so she can play Happy Feet, lol.”
from Mary:
” This is my year.the 1st is my angel 2nd watch my space.”
from Pam:
” As slow as Farmville is, you might as well have DIAL-UP!!!!”
from Cheree:
” Bummer, stasia couldn’tget her bunny rabbits today bcit turnsout we cant have caged animals inthe apt however dogs are aloud so im still thinking about
adopting a dog, any suggestions on small very kid friendly doggies????”
from Jasmine:
” Just sitting here in the bathroom while Kenity is playing in the tub. I’m def getting a headache and I already know she’s going to keep me up all night.”
From Tabrani:
” Seringkali orang merasa kecewa terhadap sebuah media peneribitan ketika tulisannya tidak dimuat atau ditolak. Penolakan itu, sebaiknay kita jadikan sebagai
pembelajaran bagi diri kita. namun jangan pernah cepat menyerah. Kirim lagi dan teruslah menulis dan kirimkan.Pasti akan dimuat nanti”
Ok, Tabrani is from Indonesia and only a few know what Tabrani said. Sometimes, he writes in English, but this was not one of them. .
But, you get my point.
I have wondered if it was just me
(maybe I tend to grate on people’s nerves).
Or, whether it is people in general.
I still don’t know.
And, yet, just today “The Cop,” (that is how he has introduced himself), has offered to mow my yard (a 30minute job on a riding lawn mower) and would not accept payment.
I am certainly greatful and am looking for a way to help make his life a bit easier.
Yet, I can’t understand that mob mentality.
And, it seems that facebook is a clear representation of the streets of New York. No one even comments, much less cares.
Oh Lord, help me to respond when a need arises. Help me not to be so myopically focussed as to not see what is going on right in front of me.And, give me the courage and boldness to act in truth and love.
In Jesus Precious name!

Now, let’s see where the test comes from.
I do notice that every time I am convicted about something, I am tested on whether my actions support my words.
I am hoping to pass the test and in that way feel a bit of success that I have done what is required of me as a Christian… … and a human!


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