making the $

Ok, I admit that I am unemployed. I have a social work degree and have now gotten my resume online, yet still have not gotten a job.
I found articles about the best blogging sites.
And, I worry, kind of.
I wonder:
1. would my “money making efforts” change the content of the blog? Will I have to maybe — insert that I used “Uncle Ben’s rice” when I tried to make palau for Imran? Or maybe:
[While my daughter drove me to the airport
(because, of course, I can’t drive), she stopped her”name brand car,” and bought
“name brand products,” which we thoroughly enjoyed.]
2. Will there be annoying adds and links when — “IF” people actually visit my blog?

I am not very consumer/materially oriented. Although, I will admit that my computer is on its last leg and will endorse any company that is willing to give me a break on their newest models.
Certainly, I could write product reviews from a disabled person’s prospective. Is it easy to use? Can a blind person who does not read the screen perform the appropriate tasks?
But, I really don’t have money to buy different products for reviewing.
I am not sure.
My blog probably would not be picked, anyway. I don’t have nearly enough traffic.
It was just a thought because I certainly would like to make money.
And, in that vein, I will leave anyone with a link to check out some of my writing.
Although, I will admit that even that is sparce because who knows what the websites really want when it comes to articles?
Making money is certainly tempting, but at what cost?

Check out my written articles and comment at:


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