“Houston, we have a Problem,” communication obstacles

Ok, so I am trying to comment on other ppl’s Blogs.

The blogger at


is celebrating her baby’s first birthday and discussing cultural differences when it comes to pregnancy and birth between Americans and Pakistanis.

Coco at


is discussing her travels to Vietnam as a deaf blind individual.

and pointed me to Roger Powlin’s (who is also deaf blind) site:


who is also a great traveler and mountain climber.


susie’s post about women driving in KSA (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) at:


as well as Stuart McDonald’s discussion on sin at:


make me desire to comment.

I am all about “communication,” and intelligent civil conversation. But, I can’t post any comments.

Apparently, some people have different setting restrictions about commenting.

that “word verification” thing disables my ability to communicate.

Now, I admit that my computer is old and my screenreader is definitely out of date.

How am I to get a new one without a job.

Because, by the way, a screenreader costs anywhere from us$600 to us$1000.

And, you continue to have to upgrade.

And, if you get one of the free ones that are on the market: (and yes there are a couple of reasonably good ones), they still are not nearly as powerful
as the expensive ones.

And, my computer is a 2003 model.

Well, I guess I’ll find something else to do instead of read and comment. Hopefully others will pick up the slack.
I did finally get to register at GoriGirl.com
And, there are many forums that I can post on.
It does take me **FOREVER — at least *longer than the average person to access the pages, find the correct links or boxes and then post.
But, all is not lost!


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