an explosion of a different kind

Ok, I have gotten calls from people who just wanted to inform me that “The Time Square Bomber was from Pakistan.”
[I specifically don’t follow — or didn’t — because I didn’t want to talk
and argue about such things] But, I must now. No matter how hard I try, possible terrorist attacks are a part of my world. Muslims and Pakistanis in the USA and those associated with these two groups not only have to worry about getting attacked by a bomb (which is no discriminator of people), but then, they must be attacked from US citizens who think that they are the enemy.
And, oh, by the way, “the Underwear Bomber was too…. maybe there are more Pakistani bombers — it must be in the water… … or religion!”
It does not matter that people are wrong.
this one woman’s indignation made up for any minor geographical miscalculations that she might have made. Faisal Shahzad may not have detinated a bomb, but he was the instrument which allowed fear to ignite terror in the hearts and shatter logic in the minds of people everywhere.
Instead of spending the day thanking God that the plot was foiled and that there were no casualties, I must spend the day feeling the wrath and fear come upon all Pakistanis for that any and all acts of terrorism. Because, it is not enough to deal with the current state of affairs, we must bring up every act of terror that has been perpetrated on our innocent society and make sure that we have sufficiently wired them together by geography, nationality and religion.
And, since I have ties to a Pakistani, I must be naive or stupid. The aftermath of irationality has spread farther than the effects of that bomb ever would.
So, I was off to do research. “Famous Bombers,” who are they? Where is their country of origin? And, of course, this is only limited to those “people” who have made an attempt (successful or not) to detinate a bomb — or those in conspiracy to do so.
It is worth noting that acording to research, the most famous “bombers,” are American Aircrafts. (smile)
Some of the lesser known (at least according to current News Media) are:
The Klu Klux Klan, the Canadian
Front de Libération du Québec, The Italian Red Brigade, The German Red Army Faction, The Peruvian Shining Path, The American Weathermen and The Spanish ETA. I am almost certain that there are no Pakistanis in any of the above mentioned organizations. But, maybe I need to alert my local meteorological society. (smile)
Ok, we have Richard Reid (aka Tariq Raja) from Srilanca.
I know that no one knows Paul Rose who was from Montreal, Quebec. And, of course, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols are not Pakistani.
I realize that there is a large number of foreigners on the list of “Famous Terrorists.”
I found my information at:
If someone has a better site, let me know.
Here is the thing:
There are many (ok, the census bureau had stats, I just could not read them because they were in that funny table thing) Pakistanis living in America.
There are Organizations such as the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America which would at the least signify some solidarity with America.
And, statistics say that we have from eight to ten million Muslims in America.
Now, of course there are many Pakistanis that don’t claim to be Muslim,
but even if every Pakistani registered as Muslim, there would still be many more Muslims. Muslims and specifically Pakistani Muslims are under the microscope and anyone who is associated with them will be also.
I have wanted to go to Pakistan, which will probably be delayed — although who really knows.
But, I wonder: for the ease of things, how many Pakistanis feel the need to call themselves “south Asians,” or “Asian,” just to avoid the hastle.
Not that they will avoid it for long.
And, I know that I read a post by The Gori Wife that expressed her anger toward Faisal Shahzad.
I, on the other hand get upset at all of those ignorant people who can’t separate Imran from Faisal —
who has no idea of where Peshawar is (and where it is in relation to Rawal Pindi — not just geographically, but culturally)
and those who think that “muslim,” obviously means Terrorist.
I noticed that the news reports stated that Faisal Shahzad was a “Financial Analyst.” I think that this is the real problem. We should stop targetting and stereotyping Pakistanis or Muslims and start making all kinds of assumptions about those financial analysts. That kind of work could push anyone over the edge!


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