A meetup

Sunday I was so excited.
Another couple had planned to meet us for conversation and shopping.
OK, maybe most people don’t meet over shopping.
But, we can talk about food, good bargains and culture; all at the same time. Imran was a bit apprehensive.
(because it was the women who initiated the meetup) “you know her — from a blog?”
“How safe is that?”

and I add:
“So, how did we meet?”

Just to spare the reader who does not want to go to the beginning, Imran and I met when I posted a “braille books to give away,” advertisement on a site and he responded from Pakistan. He wanted the braille books because he was forever thinking about starting a braille library in Pakistan. this would be Pakistan’s first.
So, we met…. …. on the internet!

Imran and I got to the Costco early. We found the tables, the bathrooms and the fire exit.
We had not been to Costco. Shopping is a big deal for us because we have to have someone assist us.
I have thought about trying Peapod (which has recently decided to deliver to Indianapolis), but I think that it is still kind of expensive.
the problem with a “shopper’s assistant,” is that they rarely know what a paratha is (much less if I am getting a good deal on them); they usually don’t have a lot of time; and I still have to carry the food home.

So we met and ate a bit first. We decided on a cheese pizza. I must admit, it was piled with cheese, a bit greasy, but pretty good!
Imran and the male began a conversation right away. I mean, almost instantly…..
and all that “We don’t even know them,” for nothing! the fun thing about shopping is that (if someone is flexible — and I am not saying that Imran was that flexible), you can find things that might taste good that “he” has not had before. then, I can find things that I have not had before. It is a cornocopia of new food to experience. Oh, he use to hate cheese, but finds (now) that he likes the habanero cheese. (Thanks for helping us find that one).
We love finding new favorites.

I think that we bought as much as they did — although Imran said that we wouldn’t buy **anything the first time.
And, we women realize that we have lots in common. Some of our family dynamics are similar, our professions are similar and our outlooks are similar. It was easy and we laughed right off the bat.
also, I believe that we were both excited about the meetup and enjoyed the day. yes, even guys enjoy shopping if there is an ample amount of electronics to catch their eye.
It is nice and affirming to know that you can just be comfortable with another couple. you don’t have to explain:
“Chillie is a kind of pepper, not a dish,”
“Since Imran is from Pakistan, he is use to….”
“Being an American, I like ….”
And, our blindness, the dog, our age,
none of that posed any difficulties. So, when Imran later asked: “Hey, would you like to check out a Temple for a great spiritual experience,” I knew that he indeed enjoyed the meettup. the guys even talked about cricket without challenging one another to some type of competition: — (these are men from Pakistan and India).(smile) I think it took them minutes to get to cricket and only after they talked about technology.
It was certainly worth the ninety minute treck from the East side to the West side of the city.
We want to thank the couple for helping us shop.
Sometimes, it is not easy to do with blind people who want to know everything.
But, we had a good time doing it.

We had a wonderful day; came home and cooked a wonderful meal and even Imran said that “it was a good day!”
I am glad to meet other couples and brim with excitement knowing that “we are, after all,” (as Imran pointed out today– “thanks to God)” making our own community of couples that are like our family. and, when our family (I guess, it is really my family) realizes that we are succeeding, they will even want to be closer.
that is just the way it is.
and, we can find friends who share our experiences and whom we can bond with (Even in Indianapolis).
And, Imran just has to remind me that I was worried for Nothing. He knew that if he prayed and if I prayed that God would provide the friends and family that we would need.
He likes being right.
I must admit, I like him being right, too.


8 Responses to “A meetup”

  1. thedosagirl Says:

    I am so glad you had a good meet up with your new friends!

  2. sjtp Says:

    First off — it’s not quite as amazing that no fights broke out because A barely knows the rules of cricket. (smile) Electronics they DID bond over, though. And the “You know her from the … internet?” did not happen in your house alone! And I didn’t know the story of how you met — I love that he was still nervous.

    My MIL quietly worries that we won’t fit into Indian culture, so I’m glad to have a “couple like us” to tell her about. Someone who also has a household position on “to blend or not to blend” South Asian and American foods, and deals with the awkward position of trying to get her partner to engage in a culture that she does not share (“but are you sure we should go to the temple?” “do you still want to go?” “well, kind of” “then yes, we’re going”), and all the other things that come with it.

    On the way home, we remembered that LAST time we said we would just split one piece of pizza and then get dessert! When we have a whole slice, we almost never have room for the delicious ice cream sundaes and chocolate-nut bars.

    Glad you guys enjoyed it as much as we did! We’ll definitely have to do it again.

    • jamily5 Says:

      Yes, yes! Again. there is still much in Costco that we can do! (smile) Hey, I don’t know the rules of cricket either, but I was in the doghouse once when — India and england were playing and I said that I hoped India won. (smile) If you come to the temple again, we will come (if I can get him off of work). You will have to explain lots to …. us — Me more than him. I have read lots and read about the different Gods and temples: etc. “A suitable Boy,” Gandhi’s autobiography, “Train to Pakistan,” “Water,” … … But, that doesn’t mean that I remember much or that I can connect it with a specific character.

      Yes, I was feeling kind of full after pizza and didn’t even think about dessert. It was not until we got home that i thought that maybe he would — WE would have enjoyed a dessert. The slices of pizza are pretty large.

      His family is in Pakistan and I don’t have much contact with them. he only tells them good stuff about me, which I think might be a disappointment if they ever meet me or live with me for an extended period of time. he says; they don’t need to know when you burn the parathas — kind of thing.

      You are right! It is really nice to find someone who has some… … many of the same discussions, delemmas and sometimes arguments at their house! … And you are not in San Francisco, so we can actually “meet in person.” I can put a voice with the email and other characters in your life. Anyway, glad that you two had a good time also. Yes, again!

      • sjtpin Says:

        We *might* go to the temple again. We weren’t very impressed with other attendees’ behavior during Diwali. There was one point where the speaker asked several times for everyone to be quiet so he could explain the meaning of what was being done. We are both big on understanding the meaning behind actions/traditions, so we perked up, but no one even seemed to quiet their conversations. A was so mad he almost didn’t stay for prasad (which is apparently a big deal). But I think he might want to go sometime when it’s not a holiday. I would also like to go to a mosque sometime; I’ve never been to one.

      • jamily5 Says:

        Hi, Well, I listen intently to what is going on, also. When I went to the mosque for Eid, I found the same thing. I did not kneel and do the hand motions because I am not Muslim, but I did sit and pray. But, the women and the children kept talking loudly. I had to really focus to hear. And, I wanted to be inconspicuous. So, I kept to the back. We still have not found regular transportation to the mosque, but not to a church, either.

        Let us know and we will attend. …. at least I will and probably Imran, but I don’t want to always speak for him and assume… …etc.

        If you want to go when there is Eid or something, let us know. It is always more fun and more meaningful if you go with others; especially ones who can help you understand what is going on. And, we would need a “describer.” (smile)

      • jamily5 Says:

        Last time we went to the mosque, I sat with the women and children and they were kind of loud, also. And, the speaker kept throwing in Arab ic words which threw me off when he was telling a story. (smile) Hey, you are always welcome to go to mosque when we go. And, I am like you; I want to know the meaning of everything and am big on “meaning.”

  3. Melissa Says:

    Hey. This is Melissa from facebook. Just thought id leave a comment letting you know I was here. Enjoyed reading your blog.

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