food advice:

Ok, so I am going to the job on Monday. WOOHOO! they wanted me to start. I also have an interview for the other position on Monday, but that is an entirely different subject and I will discuss that later. I will say that I am excited and nervous to start the job.
In any case, I want to make some food that will freeze well. I went to Saraga’s Grocery [thanks to their door to door pickup
service which is for free – “Nice to see you again Driver Rufino Diaz”).
Remember, Saraga’s has Halal meat and *some Indian spices and flours
and dal. when I called for a pickup, they remembered me and my
address. the guy who took my call also greeted me at the door, despite the
hustle and bustle of the Saturday morning shoppers. I was in an international
grocery store on Saturday and there were many people, but we did not see many
Indians or Pakistanis. OK, I did not hear much Urdu being spoken. But, I am not
good at picking out Hindi or other Indian languages. there was one Indian guy
who helped occasionally, but he must have worked in another department because
he could not shop with us. My Hispanic assistant and I, again, navigated the
isles to find what I needed. the guy (don’t remember his name because I did not
want to ask ten times and he always said it too fast) took me down every isle
and told me almost everything that they had. We went item by item through the
fruit, vegetable and fish section. “I can’t say it, I’ll just spell it,” was
said more than once. then, I would pronounce it. sometimes, I did not know how
to pronounce it either. We laughed! Actually, this is a good way of helping.
but, it does make you impulse buy because you tend to get things that are not on
your list. Yes, I got some small white mushrooms, a bottle of pure mango juice
(I admit I like it almost more than Imran), sweet tamarind, samosas, baby
carrots and sweet potatoes impulsively. OK, he did not go through each
nationality’s section. But, still, there were more vegetables and fruits
and fish than I ever knew was available. If you want a certain type of fish or
vegetable: go to an International store. I almost picked up some coconut, but, I
am saving money. We could not find “green chillies,” How hot is a Jamaican
chilli? We’ll find out. On another note: Has anyone had a Jolokia pepper? They
say that these are the hottest and I wonder if anyone has tried them.
There was octopus at the store. I remembered a Japanese friend
offering it to us. I did not like the taste, but we all remember trying its
rubbery texture. somehow, even the things that we don’t like have fond memories
for us. Hey, since DJ is in Japan now, I wonder if he has gotten use to eating
it. (smile) There were many things that I thought about trying.

(digressing into the past) when my children were
small, since I could not expose them to many different cultures (living in such
a small town with no transportation) I would try to find a new and interesting
food that we had not eaten before. We would try it and give our opinion.
but, we only had “walmart” and not this international grocery. Yet, it is
all in what you are used to.
some prospective… … A couple of
days ago, I was in super k-mart and looking for eclairs.
the people there (and I asked three or four) had never eaten Eclairs before and
did not know what I was talking about. (smile) go figure!
the only things that we could not find at the
international Grocery were cake russ, Gulab Jaman, Burfi and other such
desserts. You see, Imran has a christmas party on the 9th and he wanted
something Pakistani to bring that they might eat. I am not even sure that they
will eat Gulab Jaman. some things are an acquired taste. I even looked for
stuffed dates: which is not necessarily “Pakistani” but he likes to eat them, he
can talk about Eid and breaking fast with dates. They are
significantly different than the christmas cookies and other covered dishes at
the event. but, I did not find them either. We did find some samosas and he
might take them, but he will have to bake them in an oven. There is an oven at
his work, so he could. But, will he take the trouble to do so? the jury is
anyway, I want to make some dinners that will
freeze well so that we can just get them out of the freezer and eat. (We could
have purchased more at costco, but **someone was worried that they would not
taste well )[smile]. OK, he hates those microwave dinners (we bought some really bad ones and he is afraid that all frozen food will hav that bland horrible taste) You can’t spice something up after it is cooked. The spices have to mix in well, not be noticed as an individual flavor. that is hard to explain. But, whenever I see a dish that calls for “whole spices” I know that he won’t like it. He likes his spices thoroughly mixed. . Strangely, though, he does not mind if his vegetables are mushy and I am the one who likes mine steamed (he says “uncooked). so, I am not sure what he is worried about. anyway, I am looking for foods that freeze well so that I don’t have to cook when I get home and/or he has to decide what to do for dinner. He would be tempted to order out. that is expensive and I don’t want to order out all of the time. he seems to go from “home cooked meals,” to “order out pizza.”… … He is so extreme! (smile) I try for something in between.
OK, no pictures. But, I was going to make a couple of servings of “aloo keema,” and maybe “Keema Mader,” or “keema ki shimla mirch (stuffed peppers with halal beef)” or “Aloo mader,” and wanted to know if there were certain things that did not freeze well. I admit that I am not a great cook. but, if anyone has some easy recipes that freeze well, please pass them on. I am also looking for “one dish meals,” because it is more difficult to freeze separate foods that would be for one meal. But, the Indian food would just be one meal with naan. And, I have american meals, also. I don’t always cook Pakistani/Indian. but, I ask for those meals because they seem to be the most labor intensive. thanks for any recipes or your entire cookbook, if you see that it is necessary. (smile).

2 Responses to “food advice:”

  1. luckyfatima Says:

    qeema freezes well, but i would add any veg to it upon reheating to make the overall taste fresh. it is hrad deciding what to take to a party to represent desi culture. but i actually think gulab jamuns are a good gateway food because lots of non-desis do like them, especially cuz they taste like pancakes.

    • jamily5 Says:

      I could not find them. I tried. and, not sure that I could actually “make them.” But, we are either going to reheat frozen samosas, or I will make a batch of kheer (which is similar to their rice pudding). But, he will have to handle it with care and put it in the fridge and I did not think that it was possible, but he says that he can. Hmmm, don’t know.

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