one month evaluation

It has been one month since I have started working.
It will be ninety days before I get insurance.
That is ok, I’m not ill, have a disease or pregnant.
But, I wanted to give you a short update.

Usually we get up at 4:30 in the morning.
By 6:00 our bus is here.
By 7:30, usually, we are at work.
Remember Imran is in a different building, so we don’t have lunch together or anything.
But, we still work in the same company.
I can’t claim overtime. I tried. It first has to be approved by my supervisor. So, I have to do other things until 8:00.
Facebook, blog writing, book reading, bill paying, talking to friends all can be done between 7:00 and 8:00.

I am the liason between departments: accounting, customer service, contact center (they make calls for other companies who want to do surveys or other telemarketing opportunities) and sales. I’ll get a company credit card and have to schedule trips for sales. I have not faxed lots or copied lots. I scan mail to be sorted. But, most of the mail is not for our office.
Honestly, I feel odd “NOT” doing very much. Sometimes, I even have to fight against sleep.
My body is on a weird sleep schedule. Instead of it being on a 24hour clock, it is on a 12hour clock. So, the hours between 9:00—1:00, I am sleepy. If I get sleep during these hours, I can be up the other sixteen hours. It is strange, but I don’t know how to change it. Even when I forego the morning 9:00 sleep time, I can only sleep (at the most) 5-6 hours before I am up and ready to go for the day.
That means that I go to sleep at 9:00 in the evening and am up by 2:00 to get ready for work. But, I can’t, then, fall asleep at 9:00 A.M.
Anyway, I come from a long line of factory workers and unskilled or minimally skilled laborers. Mmy parents and grandparents etc did not go to college. Finishing High School was quite an accomplishment. So, I am sensitive to the laborer’s stance. In many factories, the laborers do not have a complimentary relationship with management and/or the office workers. Typically, the office workers would get paid “MORE” for doing “LESS.” I am not at all convinced that the company that I work for is dissimilar in this regard. So, I feel strange watching the clock tick away, knowing that in another building, a worker is working much harder for his/her meager minimum wage. The production part of the company has people packaging different items.
These workers make minimum wage: (thank goodness they changed from the patronizing and often substantial piecework model). But, I try to be as kind to the production workers as I am to everyone else. I don’t want to be pittying and patronizing. But, I do want them to know that I respect them for their work. And, I continue to ask if they are included in all opportunities given to the other employees. There were no totally blind Bosma employees who ran the minimarathon last year. At least Imran will be making that trend null in void.
Now, I realize that:
1. I am expected to do lots more and be quite a bit more versitile.
2. I do have more responsibility.
3. I did go to college for a good position.

But, needless to say, I want to learn everything and be as busy as possible and I don’t feel right checking facebook or paying bills or writing an email on company time.
Yet, ve found that the others in the office are much less adamant about this particular ethic.
Most are all pretty nice. I want to get to know all of my office workers. There are about twenty in the building. There are the bubbly ones and the cranky ones, etc. All types that you would expect in the office. I have to be bubbly because I am at the front desk.
The good part about this job is that they understand my limitations and are willing to try to maximize my potential and work to find ways around those difficult tasks. And, it is taking lots of time to teach me the specific computer programs because each one is a bit different. Sometimes, my screen reader can’t find the specific item and we have to figure out ways to accommodate for it.
All in all, I find my job challenging: (at least technically) (or it will be when I start having to apply what I have learned) and I find the work environment pleasant and my supervisor helpful and encouraging.
It could be less quiet in the office. But, I’ll work on that. I end up having ten minute echoey discussions with the woman who does housekeeping. One good thing is that I feel comfortable sending an email to anyone in the organization and make a suggestion.
So, I am developing relationships with many different people in many different departments.
Soon, the vendors will add trailmix and granola bars to their selection of snacks.
The braille teacher might incorporate some of my suggested activities to learn braille.
and, since there has been a request for volunteers to knit scarves for the guys who help out with the Colts games, I will be trying my hand at knitting. Did you notice that I said “trying?”
I am dedicated to learning and doing as much as I can in this position.
Yes, there are days when I ask: “How am I helping the larger society?”
“What difference am I making?”
But, this position is giving me skills, confidence, a bit more time with Imran and money.
I am satisfied. I’ll just have to find other ways to contribute.
have not been able to do anymore teaching English, but maybe at a later date.
I have suggested a Saturday class.
Hey, I have corrected some writing English exercises from livemocha members. But, that is not nearly as fun as direct interaction.


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8 Responses to “one month evaluation”

  1. Jubeee Says:

    Laborers should never have to make minimum wage…the trade unionist in me just squirmed. You probably live in a “right to work” state, right? These people really believe a union would be bad for them…hmmmmmm

    • jamily5 Says:

      Actually, Jubee, there have been many workers; including my father who have been let down and hurt by the union. when he was working, he went to one meeting and he was blackballed by management. And, the guys who started the union did not stay around long and their talk was good, but the workers saw no significant follow through on their part and they refused to come to bat for the laborers. So, in our case, it just didn’t work. But, I am not sure about our state. I don’t think that Bosma even has a union. But, it started out as an agency that was kind of doing blind people a favor by giving them some sort of employment. The labor has changed and the management has change: but attitudes take the longest to do so.

      • blonde.bahu Says:

        Oh, Indiana. I know it well. Growing up, I was a rare and lucky kid because we had health insurance and dental insurance thanks to my dad’s union. His job isn’t great, but thanks to his union, our entire family has teeth. LOL. Still, I understand what you mean about a union being ineffective and doing all it should.

  2. Sara Says:

    Remember that it’s how you do the job, not what job you do. You can use your skills in any environment.

    I brought the dresses with me from NJ! I’m cramming right now, and you’re at work all week, so hopefully we’ll coordinate a weekend day I can come down.

    • jamily5 Says:

      Woohoo! My daughter always says that she will help: but she is one of those who thinks and talks and might start: but is a bit lax on the follow through. Still it seems overwhelming and so would love your help. Saturdays and Sundays work for me. We also get off for MLK day.

      • Sara Says:

        Hmm…let me get through prelims and the first week of classes, and then we’ll pick a day. We’re going to visit A’s cousins over MLK, but we’ll probably be back Sunday, so Monday could work if you’re up for it. It’ll depend mostly on how much I have to do for the week, although for the first time ever I have a Monday class and thus benefit from the 3-day weekend!

      • jamily5 Says:

        Well Saturdays, i am free, but imran is not home until 5:00. Sundays we are free. So, we are as flexible as we can be. Relax and all the good thoughts for your prelims, etc!

  3. Jamily5 Says:

    Thanks Blonde Bahu.
    Yeah, Unions can be great. I think that it just depends on the people.
    People came from outside my father’s work (they did not know the workers or any natives of that town) and tried to start a union.
    They were not really connected to its success and my father got more flack and backlash from just gathering information about joining than he would have otherwise.
    And, the guys who tried to start the union were fair weather.
    Unions can help the worker – but only when they are more committed to the worker personally; than the broad ideals.
    If it is not made personal, then, I don’t think that it will work.
    But, I think this about lots of programs.
    sometimes the ideals are right, but they lack the ability to empathize with the people and when that human element is lost…. … it just taints the idea.
    But, just my 0.02.

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