A snow day (for all intense and purposes)

We have a “snow day.” DH was almost gitty last night when there was a possibility that we were going to have a paid day off. The ice is making the roads horrendous to drive on, so our company has taken a “snow day.” I think that snow days (even though, technically, this is an Ice day because it is about 27Degrese [ F] and not much snow accumulation thus, not really a Snow Day) turn adults into kids. They all channel their inner child. And, although DH has never had a “snow day” in his entire childhood, the inner child was channeled anyway. So, he was/is excited to have a day off. We are spending it being lazy and avoiding anything that feels like work which includes (but is not limited to) mini marathon workouts, dishes, cooking, laundry or straightening up the office.How long can those dishes be avoided???? We would spend the whole day inside, but:
The International Interfaith Initiative is hosting an event at our Indiana Interchurch Center.
Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 7:00 – 8:00 PM
“In the news today, we hear many stories—more negative than positive—about Pakistan. Please come and learn more about Pakistan from General S. P. Shahid (retired) as he shares his experience serving in the Pakistani military and working for the public good through non-profit organizations.”

I want to go. I don’t care about the weather. I want to go. Now, I must admit that I feel that most people are a bit over dramatic when it comes to weather and ice. I think that it is because I just have no reference. I don’t drive and I logicize [is that a word?] “It might be a bit slick, but with the salt, it is not that bad!” So, who cares about ice, I want to go. I have high expectations for the event and don’t want to miss it. Not only do I want to hear about the general, I want to meet others who discuss such subjects as cultures and/or interfaith. How exciting!!! I even called the director yesterday to make sure that they were not going to cancel it. He said that if so, there would be a report on the website by 10:00. It is 10:26 A.M. and no sign of cancelation. And, the director even said that he would call me personally if they canceled so I could change public transportation schedules. Oh, public transportation is still running. I think that if public transportation is still running, so should we! Actually, the public transportation drivers confess that they “always run,” no matter what the weather!
Honestly, I am not trying to be unsafe or uncaring to those who are afraid to drive on the ice! Many would feel that I am just being too flippant about this subject. Maybe so. But, my inner child is channeled; too, I’ll kick and scream: — I want to GO!
As 11:08 there was a call canceling the event. The director reported that General Shahid is quite excited to talk to people about his history and involvement in Pakistan and give people another prospective about Pakistan. Maybe they can reschedule tomorrow afternoon during the lunch hour. Would I be available! Sadly not! Guess those dishes are calling my name!


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2 Responses to “A snow day (for all intense and purposes)”

  1. Sara Says:

    Too bad! We have a snow day, too…we’re doing a mixture of being lazy and productive.

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