Using Skiing techniques to get to work!

This post has nothing to do with interfaith or interculture or marriage and little to do with blindness
But, still should be written.
OK, it was my fault. I knew that we should have picked up
Ice melt, or at the least, an ice pick from a hardware store. Of course, this might have meant that “I” would be the one weilding the icepick, but who knows. In any case, I, like millions of people, was not prepared. And, when I called to find said de-icing assistive aids, all stores were out. Ace hard ware says that they will get some tomorrow. i guess i’ll have to schedule Public transportation for that. But, I won’t use salt because it burns my dog’s paws and it erodes the concrete that leads to our house. Yet, I hear that “ice melt,” is much more safe. I hope so.
From road to house description:
my house is not level with the street, it kind of sets on a hill about twenty feet from the road. (I hope that I got the distance right) From the road to my house there are four wide intermittent differently sized steps, before the three steps walking up to my very small concrete porch and then to my house. To the right of the three concrete steps that are directly before my porch, is an iron handrail which extends around the right side of my porch to my house. Below my porch, are the four varying steps. There is a strip of grass, maybe two feet wide, to either side of the wide steps, and on the opposite side of the grassy patches are sloping driveways that incline upward and lead to the doors of the houses. The driveway to the right is that of our neighborly homeland Security officer. Yes, we have a homeland security officer living right beside us! He doesn’t say much, but he likes my dog. And, i am not sure what kind of bond they have, but my dog almost breaks his leash trying to say hello to him. Anyway, My driveway is to the left. My three porch steps are tricky enough, but hold no danger compared to the four wide steps.

I expected that we would have work today, so i thought that i would survey the situation, while taking Fallbrook out for his last “business break,” of the evening. The first thing i did was to chisel away a foothold (with my trusty white cane) on the last porch step. this would make it easier for us to descend the porch steps. I am not an engineer, but I knew that if we tried to tackle getting to the road from our house, “straight on,” we would surely fall and break something. I checked out the grassy patches on either side of the house and they were completely iced over. DH did not join me in this endeavor. Maybe he was too tired, too cold, too lazy, too frightened, too uncertain, too… … … whatever it was, he shrank back inside to his computer. UGGGG! But, the way i saw it, we didn’t have much choice. We couldn’t count on a benevolent neighbor to make our surroundings safe for us. And, as I had assumed, the bus driver was not going to make any attempt to scale our stairs to help us down. We are not as frail and helpless as people think. DH thought me foolish. But, i am careful. I am neither careless nor helpless! If someone had offered to help us, I would not have refused. but, I’m going to do everything i can do effectively and independently address the situation myself. I didn’t do it Wednesday because we did not need to go out. but, it was getting close to the time of work and i wanted to have a possible plan of exiting our house. Can you tell that I am quite annoyed with Dh’s passive “Poor helpless us, won’t someone come and clean our steps for us,” approach!!! .
Maybe i should not be surprised that he didn’t believe that I had the knowledge or skills to at least effect the situation; after all, he sets limits on himself, as well.

i want to stop here and thank Bob and Sheila from our Pioneer’s club (about twenty years ago) I can’t even remember their last names. and, i don’t know if the Pioneers Club even exists anymore. Included in the people to thank are my Science Teacher, Miss Heck and her husband and our former shop teacher Mr. Reynolds for giving us the opportunity to snow ski at “Ski World, which was in Nashville, Indiana.” “Ski World,” is no longer open. But, every Wednesday afternoon (In january and February) a group of us blind High School students would all pile into one car with Miss Heck and Mr. Reynolds (as chaperones) and head down to two hours of skiing at Ski World. Of course, the place was about 2.5hours away, so mostly, we were in a car doing our homework, eating cold sacked lunches and talking about almost anything. And, in a strange turn of Events, DH’s sister, who is also working in America, (But, an hour north of Chicago) went skiing (for the first time) over the weekend. I’m nostalgic for those heavy boots, the tole rope, chair lift, flakes falling on your face at the top of the hill, traversing the hill and even the hot cocoa after skiing. (i never got a soda, always hot chocolate). !!!! hmmm, i don’t think that I have any cocoa [hot chocolate] at home! But, drudging up memories isn’t all useless and/or just sentamental. Because,
If there is one thing that I learned from “snow skiing,” is that leaning forward is natural. If we go down headfirst, gravity will take effect. So, using our canes like a walking stick or ski pole, we descended. (DH’s cane is not as good because it has a rolling ball on the end of it) [I keep telling him that he needs to get a better cane]. We slowly made our way down to the bus this morning much like a snow skier climbs a hill. We crept along sideways, turning our feet inward to try and get some traction and using the cane to help steady ourselves. I didn’t even begin to slip or lose my balance at all. It was quick and easy for me. making a knowledgeable attempt silences fear every time!
But, this should have been a no-brainer for DH. He loves math. Did he forget his lessons about acceleration, inclined plains, friction, momentum, etc? Maybe I would have had a better time convincing him if I had put it in the form of a math equation. I probably should have found a way to tap into his ‘very logical mind’. Instead I said: “Cancel yours, if you want, but Don’t cancel my ride, I’m going to work tomorrow!” In the end, he reluctantly took my advice… …. complaining all the way down [Hence, no more calling him “OPTIMIST”]. . He had little choice.
Maybe this successful experience will be the momentum that is needed to accelerate his confidence level wich will in turn increase the faith that he has both in me and in himself.


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3 Responses to “Using Skiing techniques to get to work!”

  1. blonde.bahu Says:

    Hi! I was at Petsmart the other day and they had lots of Safe Paw Ice Melter in stock. It’s not the first place I thing of for buying such things, so maybe they still have some in stock?

    My dog is the same way. My old dog had webbed feet so he used to get ice packed in between his pads. Ouch! My current dog has very sensitive feet and actually starts limping if she gets salt on her paws. She sat down in the middle of the sidewalk and just looked at me like “mommy, help!” So sad!

  2. Sara Says:

    Hmmm…all this dog talk! I grew up with “farm dogs,” the bigger the better, but have accepted that small dogs will fit better with our lifestyle (and my MIL’s fears). But…I’ve never had dogs in an area where we couldn’t just let them roam free (farm dogs, remember)…small “pick it up and carry it home” dogs are sounding better and better!

    We didn’t head out at all yesterday…Tuesday we walked to the local grocery (which is actually the Pakistani store) for a few things, mostly just to get out of the house. Your hill is definitely treacherous! If I had to get down it, I would seriously consider sitting on a thick piece of cardboard and just sliding down! Getting back up it may be a problem, though…

  3. Jjan Ahmed (Jamily5) Says:

    haha, just thinking, i did think about rigging up a kind of sled with a rope tied to the railing so that the person at the top could pull it back up the hill to use. But, i did not think about how to get back up the hill.
    The closest grocery store is CVS and it is not easy to get to.
    that is one thing that we wish could be different. We would like to have a store in walking distance.
    But, as a result: i used the left over spinach to make pakoras (which were all eaten) and used my Abuelita chocolate to try and make fudge which was not met with the same sort of reception.
    Big Blonde Bahu,
    I just called the three petsmarts in my city and they all said:
    “oh, we just ran out today, at noon.”
    But, now i know what to get next time.
    And, I’ll keep some “Safe Paws ice melter,” on hand because that also is easy on concrete, etc.

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