A shout out: to the blogging community

OK, so ai read a few — more than a few blogs and try to post my comments.

Sara, at

and i have conversed often. I was so elated! She lives in my state too and it was one of the first positive responses.
I find Lucky Fatima’s blog:
quite insightful and enjoy commenting.
and i want to thank her and Jubee at:
for their comments on my blog.
Sakina at:
also has some interesting blog topics and i enjoy corresponding with her.
The Dosa Girl:
and Andrea at “milwaukee Masala,”
have very interesting posts about food, great recipes and speak to the frugalness in me!
And, i visit Neokalypso’s blog “the Milano Has landed,”
(even though i have not heard from her in a while).
But, there are many blogs that i just can’t comment on because of a variety of reasons.

for example,
when I try to check on Grace, I get the error:
“The blog http://badbhabi.wordpress.com was marked private by its owner. You need to be invited to view this blog.”
Ok, so she has not invited me!
Michelle’s blog “complicated,”
is one that I regularly read. But, when i try to comment, i get this capcha “word verification” thing. When i type the numbers i hear, they never match and I can’t comment.
Oh, the many things I have wanted to say.
Same goes for
the Gori Wife life at:
Mandy and Shomic’s blog “India loves Texas,” at:
(At least, when she was posting)
and the Award winning and thoughtful:
Although, I have talked to her and she emails me her posts and we correspond through email. — {THANKS}
And Queen’s:
and I have yet to comment on Kayla’s blog “Kya Dekh Raha hai,” at:
or Heather at:
do you see a trend.
Most of the wordpress blogs I can access, but the blogspot blogs, i can not.
Until I read Roshni’s blog at:
From what I understand, she has disabled the word capcha part! Way to go Roshni!!
Now, Dh says: “that audio capcha thing is a joke.” The best thing is just to try Firefox. But, I can’t get Firefox on the computer here, anyway.
And, I can’t upload media and pics and other fun things to make my blog more interesting. Furthermore, changing the theme — does nothing for me, (so I don’t take time to do it much).
If I could get you all on a blogroll (I don’t even know where to find it) I would. That would not assist me in responding, but it would be interesting, anyway.
I can’t get Firefox at work. (Besides, We are not suppose to view and write on people’s blogs. But, I will occasionally do just that when my work is very slow]. The alternative is sleep.
And, I’m using my daughter’s computer at home and can’t install firefox.
So, I guess my thoughts, suggestions and well wishes will go unwritten. I read lots and hope that someone else says what I want to say, so at least, it gets said. Sometimes, it feels like a clique that I am only allowed to experience and observe from afar. Or, maybe like characters in a book: you can read about their lives, but you can’t actually enteract with them.
(ok, I read too much).
[side note: I’m starting “The Hindi Bindi Book Club.” And, need to have it read by Sunday for a book club discussion].
Just FYI for you blogspot bloggers, know that I am reading, even if you don’t hear from me. I’d like to respond. If you make it possible, I will! It is all up to you.
And, now that I have said my piece on the subject, I need to let it go and move on!


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9 Responses to “A shout out: to the blogging community”

  1. luckyfatima Says:

    Thanks for the shout out.

  2. Jubeee Says:

    Hey, I knew there was a reason I used wordpress!

  3. blonde.bahu Says:

    I didn’t know about that issue with Blogspot. Sorry if you felt left out.

  4. Andrea Says:

    This is really strange….I have a really old computer that I used Explorer with and I can access both wordpress and blogspot. I really do think Firefox is better as far as stalling and loading issues… is there a reason why you can’t download FFox?
    Just an FYI, you can download it and just leave it on your desktop. When you use the computer, just click the FFox icon and surf the web with that…. and she in turn can click Explorer. Just a thought…although I am no computer guru…LOL.
    As far as being able to put pics on your page…. I myself use blogspot so I have no clue how to go about it with wordpress…. but what if you switched hosts? You can import your current wordpress (not sure about the name, it may be taken, but all your posts can be transferred) to blogspot. Hope my ramblings aren’t too confusing and maybe a bit helpful!

  5. Roshni Says:

    Hi Jan, thank you for the plug! And also for the kind comments you left on my own blog! I have the same problem with the verification thing! I don’t understand why, because normally, the audio verification works fine on other sites, but with blogspot it just does not! I chose to disable it on my blog (for obvious reasons!), but I know that disabling it can create massive problems with Spam, especially for the blogs you mentioned as they generate huge amounts of traffic! My advice would be for fellow bloggers to at least try disabling it and see how they get on. If Spam becomes problematic, there is another way; you can moderate comments; that way, they only appear on the blog after approval; and again, no need for picture verification with that! Just a thought. I am told that blogspot is generally more VI friendly than wordpress, but I am not technologically skilled enough to comment on how accurate that is!
    Any ways, keep up the good work; your blog is interesting and I’m sure you’ve made allot of people aware of a little known access issue; so well done on that.

  6. jamily5 Says:

    thanks and hello to all that have posted!!!

    I don’t know about Blogspot being more accessible.
    DH is the computer guru, but he scripts, not blogs…. so he is not likely to give me a good answer, either.
    I wish that there was a way that we only had to do that “word verification thing” once.
    you know, maybe the first time, but (since you are a regular responder), it is waved.
    But, i just have ideas and no way to put them into reality.
    does Blogspot know how inaccessible they are making things?
    for that matter, Does word press????

    If I get some time, I’ll play around with blogspot and see if I can upload media and pics.
    But, that will only solve one issue.
    I guess, I’ll be able to make my blog more “interesting,” and that will be something. Yet, people might have to learn a new address, etc. So… … hmmm, not sure.
    Thanks for continuing to read my text!!!

    Roshni, I have to visit your blog more to read all that you have posted…. absorbing it in chunks.

  7. crysmissmichelle Says:

    I’m glad to know that you’re reading the blog! I don’t get very many comments and I really do miss having them. I have disabled the word verification thing-y, and if it doesn’t cause a spam influx I’ll leave it that way. I had no idea that it caused this problem. So, I’ll hope to hear from in the future!

  8. TheGoriWife Says:

    Hello and thanks! Lucky Fatima told me about you and the trouble with commenting, I’m trying to fix the comments on my website now but I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I’ll keep trying though.

    • jamily5 Says:

      Thanks, Gori Wife, Roshni might be able to help. It is just difficult for me. And, i don’t think about it until I write quite a lengthy comment and then, can’t send it. UGGGG!

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