Raising awareness — raising funds!

Satuday DH and I went to an event put on by the III (International Interfaith Initiative) and the Muslim Alliance league. I had read about it on the III website, but I didn’t know if there would be anyone we knew who was also coming.
[side note: I am learning that DH is often resistant to going anywhere or inviting anyone over or…… But, once he gets there, he has a good time and is glad that he went or extended that invitation. He reminded me that I, too, am resistant to haggling with businesses, but when he takes the initiative, am usually glad that he did. – Um, prospective]!
I’ll have to write sometime about how he acts with Pakistani businesses who won’t let me inside their establishment because of the dog.
Anyway, This was a fund raising event put on by “OBAT HELPERS.”
They serve refugees from Bangladesh who live in refugee camps. These refugees have lived in such temporary homes since the partition of 1971 and still feel misplaced and without a real home. [Did I mention that we are slowly reading “A golden Age,” by Tehmina Anand, which is set in Bangladesh during 1971? This feels like a sequel to the book. (smile)]. They lack education, food and money. Before we went, we talked about how much money we would donate. DH was not in the “donating mood.” But, when we got there, DH warmed up and everything was fine. Of course, it helped that as we were going inside, we met a Muslim guy who dh had previously met from the Masjid. He spoke and we walked in together. We did not know that the Muslim Alliance league was helping host this event. We met quite a few people who we had met during Eid. And, to top it off, the dinner was filled with Pakistani food.
One interesting fact was how they fund raised. There were pledge cards and envelopes where you could donate discretely. There were raffle items and there was a silent auction. Since our cab was late getting to our house, we arrived late. So, we did not get to see what was raffled off or the items up for auction. We could not have afforded the items (most likely) anyway. But, it would have been nice to take a gander at them. Next time, I could help by sending out flyers to businesses to ask for raffle items. That might be a help to them.
Those methods of fund raising were all too common and normal. However, , there was also a call for $5000. “We need $5000 and I know most of you, I know someone can give $5000, raise your hand, who will give it?” I was amazed that it was put forth so brazenly! After about ten minutes of this, the speaker said “OK, if no one will give $5000, then, we will raise our amount in small chunks. We need $1000 from five of you. We have to have it, and I know that you will give it. Who will give it, raise your hand and be acknowledged. We’re not eating until we get this out of the way.” This went on until the speaker reached the $250 mark.
Now, some of it was in joke: — I think. But, they were pretty bold about asking for money in that way. … … And, dh has a problem with other businesses and charities who ask for money. He calls them “Robbers.” He is not a fan of “being direct,” but, I guess, in this arena, it is quite acceptable. Maybe it matters “who” is doing the asking! (wink smile)
Anyway, we had a good time and supported a good cause.
If anyone is looking for a charity to give to this is a good one. And, they say that all of the donations go to the people, not to run the organization or pr, etc. I do know Indiana residents Anwar and Afshan Khan who are the founders of this organization. We went to their house for Eid celebrations after the prayers at the mosque. They invite many people to their home for dinner, etc.
At least, take a look at the webpage, please.
I thank anyone in advance for any help that they can give. We seem to continuously run into Anwar and Afshan Khan, so the next time we see them, I will find out when they are going to Bangladesh next and ask them to tell me all about their trip. Then, I’ll post about it here!
Hey, if you can’t give, it would be great if you could pass on the information.
This is not just about “raising funds,” we want to “Raise Awareness,” also!


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