too much whine — Here’s to good health!

This post was written July 5th, but I accidently sent it to the wrong wordpress address.


I have not written in a while because, frankly, I dont have anything to report that is uplifting. The week is just not getting any better.

(note: pregnant crankiness in full swing).

My birthday was June 30th, Thursday. I only received calls from two out of my four children. And, my father called to tell me that his younger sister was in the hospital undergoing a double lung transplant and his oldest sister just passed away from an aneurism in the brain. I offered the usual,(money because I am working now, my house/laundry facilities/shower/etc) but no one took me up on the offer and really didn’t want me to bother about coming to see my Aunt who is in the hospital in the same city where I live.

There was a bright spot to my Birthday! DH bought me a netbook and I was so excited. I want to thank all of those who wished me a happy birthday on facebook. The netbook would arrive on the first of July and that was ok with me because we decided to take off that day in celebration of my birthday. Although, they almost sent it back to the store because they got my address mixed up with someone else’s and swore that we had an apartment number that we neglected to put on the shipping label.

The company that DH and I work for allows you one day off for birthday celebrations. DH just took a day because he has so many saved up.

We did go to our favorite pizza place and I had a halal philly steak with cheese. It was good.

The netbook came. I was so excited until I found out that the menus and windows were all in German. No matter how hard we tried, we could not change the language to English. So, I am using a desktop for now.

Dh had a convention to go to in Orlando. It is a business trip. He asked me if I wanted to go, but we were arguing then, and I did not feel like going anywhere with him. By the time I thought about going, I knew that I could not ask off from work. That was my fault. Besides, I was not sure how I would do with flying.

So, he left on the 3rd and won’t be back until the 7th. .

Now, I am so nauseous and sick it is outrageous. All the books say that most often, it will end by the first trimester. In fact, I was hardly sick with my other four. But, I am in the middle of week 16 and nausea is getting a bit less, but I am actually vomiting even more!!! I cant keep hardly anything down. I have chils, but no fever, my neck and head have a constant buzzing pain and to top it off, the only foods that sound good to me are those which I don’t have: fresh fruit, yogurt (ate the last one), applesauce and ice cream.

To make matters worse, I have a guide dog who pants and paces all night long because he hates the fire works. which, by the way, arent going to stop any time soon. He wont even go to the bathroom outside when fireworks are going off. But, that doesn’t stop him from continuously flatulating, which by the way, is one of the catalysts for my nausea and vomiting!! My stomach is sore because I have coughed so much when vomiting. I am sleepy, but cant get into a good sleep. My neck and back are extremely sore. {since it is my head, also I have ruled out extremely early labor]. I have read “Writers without borders,” (forget who edited it; , “sister of my heart,” and “Vine of Desire,” by chitra Banerjee Divakaruni; “Purple Hibiscus,” by Chimamanda Adichie; “Disgrace,” by J. M. Coetzee; and have started “Shalimar, the clown,” by Salman Rushdie. None of these books are interesting or held my attention. Who said that “The namesake” by Jhumpa Lahiri was good? They lied! I did not get laundry or dishes done and I have to work tomorrow, which also means 90minutes on the bus both to and from work and I have to inhail that horrid disinfectant that they use to clean the restrooms, as well as the rank aroma of coffee because the coffee pot is ten steps from my desk! .

I am whining and complaining way too much.

I was going to write a wonderful post about my birthday present, but this is what it has turned into.

This is why I don’t write!


Just know that your week is not as bad as mine is.


I was sick with the flu. My temperature was 106 at one time. I got a talking thermometer to gage my temperature. I went to a friend’s house who took care of me. By Friday, july 8, my fever still has not gone down so I went to the doctor. I had lost 7 pounds from two weeks ago, the fever was still at 100.5 and the baby’s heartbeat was at 160 (the max). Not only did I have the flu, but a sinus infection, as well. I got some antibiotics with the instructions that if my fever still persisted after 24hours, I should go directly to the ER. Remember, since I am pregnant, I could not take anything but tilinaw. (sorry for the spelling). My daughter stopped by and remarked that she was just not very empathetic. In a strange turn of events, she would develop a bacterial infection in her intestines the next week and have to spend more than 24hours in the hospital because of dehydration.

Imran came home thursday evening and I went back home Saturday evening. We had argued a bit on the phone which made things even more stressful. But, when I got home, he brought me everything I needed and was quite caring! It was a struggle, but I finally am feeling better.

His supervisor fixed my computer and now, I just need a bit more ram and to disable that mouse pointer so it does not continue to move around on me. But, all in all life is now much better.

I’ll write about today’s events, but noticed that this post had not been sent.

So, I wanted to send it first.

Life gets better!


One Response to “too much whine — Here’s to good health!”

  1. Sara Says:

    Hmm — seems like I missed this post! Now your email makes more sense. (smile)

    Florida is DISGUSTING — (not that the Midwest isn’t right now!). We were there a few weeks ago for a convention, and I never want to go back! Maybe Orlando would be better than where I was…but I wouldn’t want to do the flying and the heat pregnant.

    Sorry to hear you were so sick, and glad everything (and everyone) came through ok! Not a great birthday, but there’s always next year, right? (wink) And sometimes it’s helpful for a relationship when one person needs extra care. It really can help bring out the love and nurturing that was there all along, but gets forgotten easily. It’s a helpful reminder for the person being cared for AND the caregiver!

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