perfect weekend!

Alright, I was due for a good weekend, after the stent with the flu I finally got one.

On Saturday, after a bit of debating, we finally went to the Pakistan Day that was put on jointly by the PAFA (Pakistan / American friends association) and St. Luke’s Methodist church. Hey, I think that some pics were uploaded. Check out:

I had contacted the organizaers to see if we could do a Urdu Letter demonstration, but they never got back with me. That was kind of disappointing, but I figured we would go and be a part of their celebration, anyway. They started at 4:00. DH was sure that they would start late – (Pakistani time) but they actually started on time. So, I missed the cooking demonstration.I guess that St. Luke’s had hosted Greg mortonsen and after the scandal, I could not believe that they referenced him in their opening remarks. I did get to view the fashion show, lots of different types of music – (even some sufi songs), wedding traditions and a Balochi dance.I wanted an up close look at the fashions, as well as the instruments, but there were more than 400 people in attendance, so I had to forego the personal viewing. The MC for the fashion show did try to describe the clothes, but I kept forgetting that “short shirt,” (for Pakistan) and “short shirt) as it applies to Americans is a totally different concept. (smile) I had to continuously check the wedding traditions against DH’s experiences. Yes, there is lots of fan fair; Yes, the bride and groom’s families try to outdo each other – both in song and expense; Yes sometimes there is shoe stealing; no, he would never get his ownhands painted; no, he has never heard of the wearing/exchange of bracelets. As it turns out, the women in his family are quite good at playing the Dholkee. (excuse the spelling) I wonder how much a Tabla, dholkee and bansuri cost. I must obtain these wonderful instruments, as well as the lessons to play them! We got a ticket to eat and the meal was wonderful. If I could make samosas and tandoori chicken that well, I’d cook Pakistani food more often. Granted, it was catored by a Pakistani restaurant. Yet, still! DH made some Pakistani contacts. I did notice that the Americans and the Pakistanis seemed to mingle more than when I went to the Interfaith Thanksgiving celebration. They had a short trivia game. I urged Dh to play, but was glad that he declined when I realized how visual the questions were. “Look at the picture and tell me,… …” We both had a wonderful time. And, DH even asked the driver to stop off so that we could get some sumptuous butter-pecan ice cream on the way back. I had been craving ice cream for quite some time. Needless to say, we finished the 0.5gallon in about 24hours. (smile)Then, DH found “the blind side,” on descriptive video (I know that we are way behind on movie watching) and we decided to watch it. OK, DH fell asleep about 45mins into the movie and we had to “rewatch” it on Sunday. But, it was good. Yes, it was a bit predictable and Yes, I want to read the book to see how different the book is from the movie. But, I still enjoyed it. We have not felt the baby move, yet. But, Dh continues to insist that my stomach is getting larger by the minute. (smile) I had to get my first shot of progesterone to make sure that I would not go into preterm labor. I’ll have to do it until the 36th week. I thought that DH would be able to give me the shot, but I am second guessing that thought. The medicine is quite thick, the measurement is quite small and it did not come premeasured. But, I found a friend/nurse who would come and give me the shot every Sunday. And, it was not as painful as I thought it would be.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Hope that yours was as wonderful and continues on into this one!


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  1. Sara Says:

    Glad to hear you had such a great weekend! We should do a girls’ day in mid-August. We could go for pampering (pedicures, window shopping) or baby prep shopping (including yard saling, if you like).

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