Yay LaRka hai!

The 12th was the ultrasound. I said that I wanted the gender to be a surprise, afterall, it is not “necessary” that we know. But — — My family wanted to know, his family wanted to know and friends wanted to know. We were promised better gifts, if everyone “knew” the sex of the baby. That promise convinced “half” of the “we,” but I won’t mention which half. (smile) To top it off, my 80+yo grandmother said that she would make an afghan and wanted to know whether to use pink or blue. Now, of course, the argument to use a nutral color fell on deaf ears. So, despite my stubborn insistence to have things my way, I yielded. It is the month of Ramadan, afterall, so this was my surrender. (smile)
I will say this: “They’ll be no Kiryn or Samiya.” It is on to boy names. How could I tell that dh was excited? Well, it was hard. There were no “woohoos,” no smile, no vocal inflection or other noticeable speech/movement changes. But, 1. after leaving the hospital, He immediately called his sister and his mother to tell them the news: and 2. He is now wanting to know more and more about the baby’s development. I also found out that he told some of the guys at work, saying: “He’ll learn to be a computer geek from the word “go.”” I am carrying quite low, so the baby is still head down, low in my uterus. When we went into the ultrasound room, the tech thought that my daughter (she is 23) was pregnant. I guess, she just thought that I was fat. My point is that while I am expanding, it is more in my hips and not concentrated in a large stomach. My stomach is getting larger, but I don’t necessarily “look pregnant.” I’ll just have to get use to people thinking that my daughter is the pregnant one/mother. Although, my daughter is quite shapely and does not look pregnant either. UGGG. The placenta is between me and the baby which accounts for the fact that it is hard for me (and especially difficult for DH) to feel fedal movement. The ultrasound confirmed my estimated due date: December 14—15. If we were in a much more conservative Muslim country and the baby was a girl, DH could make a very witty comment about how the baby kept hiding her face from view – even in the womb. Needless to say, we have pictures of the vertabre and ribs, but no real clear picture of the face. My daughter, D. went with us and she became excited – that is, after she knew what she was looking at. The tech said things like: “things look good,” and “You have nothing to worry about.” But, then she said, “Your doctor will want another ultrasound to get a better picture of the face.” The heartbeat was good and regular. But, I wonder if the tech would have told us if something was wrong, anyway. In any case, dwelling on such things will do no good. So, We are just happy. And, I am looking for a talking picture frame. DH brought a High tech recorder to record the heart beat and i want to find the best picture, put it in the recordable frame, record the heartbeat into the frame and send it to DH’s parents. The tech wrote “Hi Dadi,” on one of the pictures, in the hopes that his mother would find this especially touching.
I want to have a nonmedicated birth. Dh is helping me learn to relax. It is working: except for when I have to take my weekly injections. I have to work on that. I take a weekly injection of Progesterone. This is to lessen the chance that I will deliver prematurely. I do have a pattern of premature births.
Now is the time to start collecting things for the baby, packing on those pounds because the baby is going to continue to double in size and weight and we need to find a name.
As for the baby item collection, I am making a list of things like breast pump, bags and bottles, baby laundry detergent, nursing pillow, baby bath excessories such as lotion and soap, diaper bag, cloth diapers (at least while we are inside the house), clothes, blankets, etc. I know that everyone has different views on what is “necessary” and what is frivolace… … even DH and I have those compromising conversations. I am not trying to go crazy with the “must haves,” but sometimes, it is hard. My sister has talked about planning me a shower. We will see what happens. Sometimes, DH acts more excited about the “shower” than the actual coming of the baby. But, I know that he just wants to get under my skin. I already have a stroller, baby bath and a car seat. As far as baby carriers; I want to check out the Urgo, some of the uncomplicated wraps and the ringslings. I heard that the Urgo carrier was good, the meitai sling received high marks, as did some of the wraps (not the Moby because a friend of mine had the Moby wrap and I tried to wrap the moby and could not secure anything in it). I could not see my baby crying for fifteen minutes while I try to wrap the thing correctly. But, I like the concept and idea of a wrap. I like the way it holds your child next to your body and how it distributes the baby’s weight throughout your body instead of hurting your shoulders and/or lower back. I don’t know how much I weigh, but I eat fruit and veggies (preferably fresh, but that is not always the case) and I try to eat protein every day. No caffeine (except for the occasional cup of hot tea or chocolate bar). I have not eaten Mocha “Anything” or my favorite dessert, Tiramisu, for quite sometime. OK, I probably don’t get to the 80-100g mark with my protein, but it is not due to a lack of effort. Sometimes, I’ll eat pastries or a bit of candy, but honestly, i try to keep my sugar count low. i don’t have diabetes or anything, i am just health conscious. My favorite foods while pregnant include: ice cream(preferably butter pecan, chocolate almond or other kinds with real fruit and nuts in them), peanutbutter, cottage cheese, boiled eggs (I use to hate them, but now can eat three or four in one sitting), fresh fruit(cherries, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple, peaches – and if only we could find mangos), hummus, pasta olive salad, almonds and chicken/Tuna/salmon. I really wish that I could find a kajorwala who sold those dates stuffed with walnuts and/or almonds!!!
When thinking about names, I am looking for one that:
1. Is not too difficult for Americans to pronounce (but is still Pakistani) Tariq and kamran are out because no one would pronounce them correctly
2. Is not too common which leaves out Jamal, Zain or Ali
3. Is not used in his family already which eliminates Zeeshan, Lateef and Hassan
4. Does not rhyme with or sound too close to my other children’s names; Abdeel, Bijoy and Jaleel are out
5. Does not start with an A. (I don’t want an alliteration – just my pet peev), or any other letter of my other children: which means, no D., K. or L. It also can’t end in “ED,” or “ID” because our last name ends in “ed.” That means: Javed and Rashid are omitted from the list 6. Is one that we both like.
I like “Taj,” and “Samandar,” he says “no.” Shareef is not bad, but he hates it. Rayhan is cute, but sounds like a manmade material. I thought of Yusef, but it is quite common and kind of sounds like “Unicef.” We have Yakub and Zariyaan, but I am not 100% sold on either of them. Oh, I have the perfect name: “Sanjay.” (hahahaha). For those who don’t know, that is a hindi name and would not be received well with his family in Pakistan. I still like it, though. I think I like the names with a “N” or a “ay” at the end. But, there are exceptions, like Yaqub.
All in all, nausea has lifted, DH is more able to deal with my mood swings – and help me through them and I am 22w/5d into this pregnancy. That means, I have 17w&2d left. I have made a birth plan and beseech DH to help me follow it. We — I have talked about the three stages of labor and how Dh can help. I’d like a water birth if possible. I have thought about banking the cord, if it does not compromise the health of the baby. Now, it is on to the circumcision debate.


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