maternity clothes

On September 27th, i wrote a post that somehow did not get saved, so i am trying to reconstruct it.
In mid to late september, i went shopping for maternity clothes. i really did not want to buy any because i will not be in them that long and… … guess what, maternity clothes are a bit expensive. I am not a clothes shopper, much anyway. i always have to take someone with me to the store to find what I want and a style that actually looks good on me. Sales people will sell you anything and even if they do have some ethics, they still have different opinions, etc. Anyway, I ended up getting four blouses and two pair of pants. My daughter did remark that I do certainly “look pregnant…. … as opposed to “just fat.”” I get home and show DH, who was frankly amazed. He says:
” Wow! You look really pregnant.”
I retort: (A little taken aback) “Yeah, uh, that is because I AM really pregnant — and … … newsflash, I have been for about 28 weeks.” You see, he was under the assumption that maternity clothes were suppose to “hide” your pregnancy. I explained that there main purpose is to help me feel more comfortable. This means that I need larger clothes, sure, but I also need a stretchy material that fits around my stomach to help hold my stomach in place so that it jiggles less on those long bus rides. and, I have a stretchy tube kind of thing to help do that, also.
Just one more cultural misunderstanding.
Hmmm, I wonder what pregnant women in Pakistan wear? Do they have maternity pants and stretchy materials that actually do accentuate your pregnancy, but help you feel better and carry your baby better? Or, is it all just larger clothes to hide the pregnancy.
I don’t ask DH: single blind guys don’t know those things… … or at least, they shouldn’t. (smile)
Just wait until i show him a nursing bra!


6 Responses to “maternity clothes”

  1. Ajnabi Says:

    In Pakistan, pregnant women wear really loose clothing to hide their pregnancies. Most of the times you find out that someone was pregnant after they’ve had the baby. 🙂

    • jamily5 Says:

      Yeah, but it doesn’t sound very comfortable. After all, you don’t get any belly support. Unless you wear lots of layers. And, that sounds quite hot to me. Seems like we would have to wear a tent. And, wouldn’t people realize that the clothes are getting larger, but then, they might just think that the woman is getting fatter.

  2. Ajnabi Says:

    Yup, not very comfortable at all but I guess if you don’t have a choice then you don’t miss it.

  3. Another Gori/Desi Hybrid Says:

    I am the another gori/desi who happens to be more desi than gori my married family always tells me. But I am totally with you and got the exact same response from my husband when I started wearing maternity clothes “Wow, you really look pregnant.” ….. this after I had sewn some of my own “maternity clothes”. Well at 8 months pregnant, I would hope I look pregnant otherwise that would just be weird and oh yeah, been pregnant a really long time, too…. LOL I loved this blog post although it took me a while to get around to reading it.

    • jamily5 Says:

      I don’t know why I didn’t see this sooner. I try to respond to everyone who comments. I had a dream with you totally. I am now in Pakistan. I am visiting for six weeks. Sometimes I wonder how it would be if I were pregnant and living here. I probably would get offhanded comment about touching my stomach etc. It sounds like we have to keep these things quiet. Anyway, thanks for reading. Even if it has been a very long time since I have gotten back with you.

  4. ไฟโตเอสซี Says:

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