health examinations

Being pregnant, we have talked lots about health and culture. DH’s philosophy and mine are a bit different when talking about doctors. But, we are going to a health Fair this weekend that is put on by the Indian Center. Maybe we will find a pediatrician that both of us like. That is my purpose for going. But, I would not even be able to drag DH unless I told him one of two things. A. there are going to be Indians/Pakistanis/etc there. Or B. they are handing out free items. i am certain about A and B is a possibility.
Anyway, Here are some (certainly not all) of our differences. And, I want to note that it is rather strange since DH knows lots of Pakistani Doctors. I guess he thinks that they are only doctors because of the ample economic benefits. I don’t know. And, although DH knows many Pakistani Doctors, most of them don’t live close enough for us to utilize their services.
1. DH looks for a doctor who has the most knowledge and who has lots of letters after his name. But, one that also is familiar with other cultures. I look for a doctor with a good bedside manner.
2. DH goes to the doctor only when something is “wrong.” There is very little, if no, concept of “prevention.” He views doctors that talk about yearly checkups and routine tests quite suspiciously. I believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – to coin my grandmother.
3. DH believes that a doctor’s advice; if it includes more tests or x-rays or medicine, is a ploy to extract more money from clients. I believe that, while this does happen, there are doctors that are just concerned with their patient’s health. We just have to be careful and look up things on our own to gather as much information as possible. Dh does not necessarily look up information, he just has a mistrust, anyway. I say: “maybe you think everyone is out to make a buck — because conversely, you would do the same, if you could.” (ok, didn’t go down well). This mistrust of medical professionals can really grate on my nerves!
Today, we visited a dentist. I was a bit disappointed, because I thought that they were going to do a cleaning. They just performed an exam: (X-rays for DH and none for me). I tried to prepare him because he had not been to a dentist for a formal checkup. His checkup went well. He has no cavities and no gum bleeding. Since they did not clean his teeth yet, I kind of went overboard when describing all of the procedures and such. . My checkup was less positive. I have gingivitis and some gum disease. They said that it is not enough to warrant medicine. And, it is not enough to effect the baby. Studies say that gum disease can trigger premature labor. Now, I have to look on the net to see if there is something that I can do that will help get rid of this gingivitis. The hygienist was not much help. To top it off, I had four cavities along with the gingivitis; which will be taken care of after the baby is born. Here’s the problem.
I brush my teeth more frequently and with more care than DH does. When the hygienist asked DH “Do your gums bleed when you floss?” I wanted to laugh. “Of course,not,” he confirmed. But, that is because he would not know if his gums bleed when he flosses because, he has never flossed in his life. And, he has no cavities, no bleeding, nothing. The dentist tells him: “just continue to do what you are doing, it seems to be working.” Now, I realize that I am pregnant, but even when I was not pregnant, my teeth and gums were never cavity free. It is just not fair!!! Couldn’t he have at least ONE cavity???? I wanted to be vindicated so DH would care more about his dental hygiene. As it stands, he says that I worry about too many things and am just too picky. I tried to tell him that if I didn’t floss at all; I would be in worse shape. But, he reminds me that he has never flossed in his life and he has no cavities; so this is just a silly recommendation. Then, Mr. “I don’t have a degree in dentistry, but I’m going to advise you anyway” says: “even though I don’t brush as much as you do or floss, I do rinse my mouth out five times a day.” He continues with his next insightful revelation: “I’m sure that it has something to do with the pork that you use to eat.” GRRR!


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