“Dhood Duds”

DH and I work at the same company, but in different buildings. This means that our policies and daily events are just a bit different. For example: while each building has a “candy dish,” rules that surround “what” is in the dish, “who ” the candy is for and “who” refills it are different. There are approximately 100 people who work in DH’s building… … maybe more. The company fills their candy dish. The hard mints are suppose to be for the guests, but many times, workers will stop by and take one. (note: some take a handful).
We, by contrast have about thirty people working in our building. There is far less traffic in and out of our building. Our Candy Dish is filled by Sales Manager Ms. Mississippi who brings a variety of selections for us to choose from. And, “we,” the workers in the building, are largely the eaters of said candy. She enjoys stocking the dish with our favorites. P’s favorite is starbursts and M loves those peanutbutter snickers; and Ms Mississippi tries to accommodate. Ms Mississippi is always bringing
some gem for us. she brought a “Christ Cake,” for Fat Tuesday(She is from Mississippi/Louisiana and enjoys Marty Gras), apple turnovers, peach cobbler, once she brought baklava (my favorite!) and just yesterday, she brought a box of Crispy Creams. Leave it to her to make sure that I get enough sugar in my diet; just for the baby. (smile) Many times, when she goes out of town for a sales meeting, she brings some goodies back.
Anyway, DH and I have developed a ritual. Every day (especially when I was experiencing those seventeen weeks of morning sickness), he would bring me two mints from his building. Lately, he has been bringing me a muffin, also. I don’t know how he gets it or where and frankly, I don’t care. I really enjoy that snack on my way home. the muffin is either blueberry, banana nut, chocolate chip or even Poppy seed (which always reminds me of the Wizzard of Oz and Amitav Gosht’s novel “Sea of Poppies,” which won an award, but was really hard to get into, because it seemed to drag). Getting back on topic, For my part, I find myself a piece of chocolate from our candy dish and bring him home a couple of goodies that he might like. He is a “candy man.” When I first met him, we had a discussion about Candy, and I found as many different types of candy for him to try. Candy does bring out the “kid in him.” Conversely, he introduced me to “chilly millies.” While he will eat M&Ms or a candy bar, his favorites include: Starbursts, skittles, tootsyrolls, gummies, sourballs, laffy taffy, lemon heads, nerds, red hots and almost anything but chocolate. He likes: chewy, creamy, hot or sour. i meant to pick him up a mexican lollipop, but have not done it yet. And, I can not find those caramels with the creamy creamy center. I know that he would love them. I am the chocolate eater in our family(Dark preferably). Although American chocolate pails in comparison to Swiss chocolate, I still eat it and enjoy it.
Yesterday was ‘business as usual’. He brought me a blueberry muffin. then, he opened up a small box and exclaimed, “What are these, they are really good.” I tasted one. I am not impressed, they are just “milk duds,” I reply flatly. Or – more accurately for DH, “dhood duds.” It is funny, “Dhood,” is milk. And, DH tells me that a child’s name for “milk filled breasts” are “Dhoodus.” Interesting. Apparently, he had never tasted Milk duds before and wants to go to the store to find abnormally large boxes of them — and just in time for Halloween.
Which makes me remember that some things I take for granted, I don’t realize are new experiences for DH. You would not think that “Dhood Duds,” would be a big deal. And, now, I remember that I have yet to find a good scarry haunted house with lots of auditory action to enjoy for Dh. I want him to compare it to the ones in Lahore that he use to visit. Dhood Duds and haunted houses; who could want anything more?


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