Travel preparations (part 03)

I have decided to describe every step of our journey, just in case other people are wondering exactly where to go or what to do when/if they want to travel to Pakistan. when i started wondering about vaccinations and pregnancy, i could not find much information, so i hope that this will help someone else, when they are looking to travel. of course, i’m going to have to categorize it after
posting–if I want it to be available for others to look at. (smile) So, we went to a health fair this weekend. We found a pediatrician from india. She was actually taking blood pressure, (mine was a bit high: 126-over-90), instead of working with the children, but we struck up a conversation. She has been in America for many years, but her information was quite valuable. DH still thinks that she is going overboard. I thought he would be more receptive to the information if it came from a south Asian. Geesh. Anyway, she said: take meds such as pain reliever and for stomach upset in your carry-on. Take your own straws in case you go to restaurant. Take lots of wipes to wipe off bottles, the tops of cans, sometimes even the rims of glasses. Take lots of hand sanitizer pens and small bottles. Don’t let Aunties kiss and hold your baby. If you are given a bottle, pour it into a glass yourself: sometimes people submerge the bottle neck into the glass and contaminate the liquid. only eat cooked items and no snack vendor food. (I already want to taste that street food, but won’t dare)!!! Take ORS and some formula — just in case. Get the first wave of vaccinations before you go. Don’t forget about Hepatitis A and B and medicine for Malaria and probably even typhoid, as well. Don’t take ice in your drink, it could be contaminated. Dress your baby (and yourself) in long sleeves for night time and use mosquito nets. Was there more? i can’t remember because i did not write them down, but I should have. She also gave me a lead on “international travel medical clinic.” I found it on the web and called for a phone consultation. i tried looking at the “Center for Disease Control” website, but their information was so vague, and i could not find specifics on the exact regions of Pakistan. Besides, I have learned that even going from Lahore to Rawalpindi can be different and require different things. ***Center for International Adoption and Geographic Medicine We are available for consultation and evaluation of illnesses that may be related to travel to other parts of the world.
For an appointment with the Pediatric Travel Medicine Clinic or to speak to a pediatric travel medicine specialist, please call 317.944.7260.
I talked with John Christiansen, he returned my call the same day! He says:
I should get the following vaccinations:
T-dap, which will protect myself and baby (up to six months) from whooping cough;
Hepatitis A and B;
I should take malaria medicine (But, not Doxocycline because it can hinder the baby’s bone development),
While Malaria is not as popular in Lahore, it is common in both Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The baby will not get enough of the malaria medicine to combat malaria, so I should keep baby indoors at night, use mosquito netting, dress the baby in long sleeves, etc.
If I get diarreah during the trip, I can take any medication accept “CIPRO” because that also effects the bones of the baby. The baby will receive his first round of the Hepatitis B vaccination before he leaves the hospital and should get his first round of vaccinations (after the six week mark) before we leave for Pakistan. So, basically, although I hate taking medicine and anymore injections, I am going to have to be a pin cushion. I think that I have had the hepatitis A&B vaccinations, but am honestly, not sure; nor am I sure about the last time I had my tetness vaccination.
UGGGGG. But, I’ll start now.
and, i was in a reluctant, yet excited kind of mood until i informed DH of the information that I required.
to make matters tense: DH asks,
“How much will they cost? Will insurance pay for it? We will have to see.” sometimes, I wonder if my effort is even worth it!
I keep wondering if he will ever get a clue!
Maybe that is my sign to just stay home.
… … just being real!


2 Responses to “Travel preparations (part 03)”

  1. Tenerezza Says:

    I second your husband… Where are you going??? To the jungle??? A far away village in rural Pakistan??? My god… They are just trying to make money in my opinion… Go to a nice, a bit more expensive Pakistani restaurant and do not have raw meat/fish or anything with ice cubs (mostly made of tap water!) and you will be fine. At least that is how I am doing it and it works out fine. Forget about these wipes and why should people not hold your baby??? Tzzzzzzz… Sorry, just my opinion…

  2. some background before we proceed | 30day experience Pakistan through our eyes! Says:

    […] title=”Travel preparations part 03″ href=”“&gt;  Travel preparations part 03</a>  [all about vaccinations and malaria […]

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