Travel preparations (Part 02)

I realized that I sent “part 03” before I sent “part 02.”
Anyway, Dh and I still need to get our passports. He is waiting on his ID and then we will get our pictures so we can send off for the new passports which will take about four to six weeks. (paperwork and time!!!) Hmmm, which will come first, passports or baby??? It’s a race!
Finally, i got ahold of the Consulate of pakistan. but, they weren’t much help, they told me to go to their website because they did not give information over the phone. Why are they even there, if they can’t give any information over the phone? that makes no sense. Anyway, i found out that I need to send:
A complete visa form, 2 Current Photographs (2×2) (standard US passport, not more than 6 months old) Visa fee for US passports (which is $120), for visit visa (processing time is 2-5 work days on approval) payable in Cashier Check/ US Postal Money Order to the Consulate General of Pakistan. All fees are non-refundable.
I need to send a proof of Driver’s license or state ID. my passport should be valid at least six months from travel date. I need to send the mail certified express mail and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Our child will need proof of his Father’s Pakistani passport to get a visa. while DH might get his visa (although he says that he doesn’t need one), within five business days, mine could take much longer and is left to the discretion of the consulate. Although, on the visa form, it says from four to six weeks. Indian nationals who wish to go to Pakistan should expect to wait three or four months for their visas. (discrimination????). The visa application is pretty involved. They ask questions that I have no idea of the answer. they ask for your “blood group,” which i am assuming means “Blood type.” but, I certainly will have to get help filling this application out. Since the fee is non-refundable, I want to make sure that everything is filled out correctly.
But, thinking of timeframes:
4-6weeks to get the passport;
4-6 weeks to get the visa;
We will be cutting it awfully close! and, we really can’t make plans until we are sure that we are going to get the visa, can we? I don’t want to start gathering things and get those vaccinations for nothing!!!


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