Just an update:

i have twenty-nine days until my due date. My younger sister was suppose to come and help me organize baby items and clothes, but, well, she is not that reliable. My mother is suppose to come the Saturday after Thanksgiving to help. We will see. DH continues to ask me everyday: “do you want to take a day off?” “Maybe it is time that you stay home.” But, as for now, (although i am getting pretty tired) I decline. I want to work as much as possible before i stop. i want my leave after the baby to be as many days as possible. I think that AMI (his mother) keeps suggesting that I take it easy and stay at home. Besides, sometimes, my feet do swell — although, they are swelling less this week than they did the last week. I have a considerable amount of heart burn. I hate to go over those bumps when i am made to ride in the back of the bus (like today). i don’t get much sleep when my back is starting to hurt and I have a considerable amount of pelvic pain (which means that the baby is getting ready for delivery day). But, one more day is one more day.
We have finally narrowed it down to three. i really liked “Jeelan,” (A name of a City in Iran), Zayaan(Accent on the second syllable???) and Taban. But, Dh had not heard of the last two and his family would not know of the first. That was in my six remaining names. Yusef and Ahsan are “too old,” DH says. Zeeshan is already a family name. We are down to Azaan (the call to prayer) , Armaan)Don’t you want the name: “ARMANDO” to roll off your tongue? but, am not thrilled about the alliteration with our last name) and Zariyan (yes, DH put that one back on the list). for the American middle name (and, yes, he will have a middle name of my choosing, despite Dh’s opposition), I like Gabriel, Samuel, nathaniel, justus, Jakim or another “J” name that I am unsure of, yet(Jessaiah, jeremiah, . At least we are closer than we were.
I am still looking for a co-sleeper. i think I’ll call the manufacturer and see if they have one to show. This is preferable than finding it on the internet because i don’t know what internet items look like. thanks for the suggestion, Sandra. I also need to get some cloth diapers — Wait, Dh says that diapers are disposable and nappies are cloth. hmmm, interesting. There are so many choices: even in the cloth nappy section: kawaii, G., Thirsties, Bumgenius… etc. And now there are prefolds, pockets and all in ones (AIOs) and liners for added protection. I am waiting until the baby is here to purchase too many cloth nappy choices. i want to try them out and will want to take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee, if possible/necessary. If I buy them too soon, then it will be more difficult to take advantage of such a guarantee.
I have not packed my suitcase yet, but I need to. I want to get a good comfortable gown and a few other things. i asked DH to have his parents send a Shalwar Kamis for the baby so we could dress him in it and take a couple of pictures at the hospital. But, the last box did not contain anything, so i left it alone. Hmmm, i do need some good hair clipsto hold back my thick long hair — (one perk of pregnancy). We have a plan for transportation when i go into labor and a couple of back ups. No, Paratransit is not on the list!(smile)
I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow: (twenty-eight days before the estimated due date — just in case you lost count) and I am going to ask for some of the vaccinations.
We have ordered I-phones for the both of us. of course, this satisfies DH’s desire to obtain a nice new electronic. But, my cell phone is always losing battery and i need something more reliable in case i do go into labor. Besides, I can buy and download labor music, use the video camera and 8mega-pixile camera to take first pics of the baby, Skype his parents on the i-phone, utilize the coupon application, the Baby monitor application might come in handy. And, there is this application called “VIZWIZ,” which takes a picture of an item and allows you to ask any question about said item. A person looks at the picture and sends you back an answer. A friend at work has used this application on her I-pod touch to find out the color of a dress, the contents of a frozen meal and the flavor of a piece of candy. Sounds like it will be helpful and fun to play with. (smile) and, the I-phone will come in about two weeks or so. Hopefully, I won’t have had the baby yet.
The only worry that i do have is: DH’s sister is marrying on Thanksgiving Friday/. The Nikka is Friday and the Walima is on Saturday. Of course, i am afraid to travel the six hours to her wedding, but DH will leave for her hometown on Friday morning and be back at our home by Sunday. I am afraid that I will go into labor and he won’t be here. All of that planning would be for nothing. DH won’t have had the experience and won’t understand how difficult and miraculous it was. It will be like he is/was absent from the whole thing — absent, distant, unaware, etc and it will forever be an experience that we should have, but would not have shared. My daughter and friend/lay doula will be there, but it won’t be the same. I write this here because I would not want to offend his sister and don’t want to take anything away from her happy day. And, i don’t even know that I “will” go into labor, then. what if i don’t and DH stays home and either she does not get married or gets married without him? That won’t be good! Honestly, she only had three times to marry: Thanksgiving break, christmas break and Spring break. OK, the guy she is marrying is a principal — which explains the breaks. Christmas break, i will surely already have the baby and she wants to come down to help. Spring break will probably see us in Pakistan. So, by process of elimination, Thanksgiving break is the only time. NO, she will not wait until summer. She says that “summer” is too far away. then, there is the planning itself.
We Americans take so much time in the planning. my daughter is marrying in April. I just attended a “stuffing party” which is essentially a gathering of women who volunteer to help with the invitations so that the couple will not have to spend as much money. She is going dress shopping this week and she has decided on a place to have the wedding/reception. she is still talking about the food, flowers and such.
His sister, in contrast, has two weeks to plan a wedding and secure a dress and all of the other essentials. Granted, the Nikka and Walima is not like an American ceremony with so many people to outfit and extensive decorations. But, still, two weeks seems like a very short period of time. DH and I have different views on the subject. I continue to say: “I want it to be special for her. I want her to feel like the queen of the ball.” In my mind, that means, trying to plan everything down to the finest detail to ensure that she is happy. i want to find “something” that will customize her nikka and Walima so that it is uniquely “her day.” But apparently, those things are not as important to him or her. The Nikka will be at an Auntie’s house and the Walima will be in the Mosque gymnasium. This Auntie is also cooking all of the food and helping SIL find a dress and proper wedding clothes. i just wish that there was something that I could do to help it be special for her, even if i can’t be there to celebrate. When it comes down to it, the wedding (when, where, how, etc) is “HER” decision and i should not impose my views on her, anymore than her family from pakistan should. Yet, I wish that there was something that I could do to make things even more special. Hmmm, — maybe, not go into labor so that DH doesn’t have to worry about getting back home so urgently. But, that is out of my control. (smile)


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  1. Tenerezza Says:

    I like the names “Ayaan” and “Sameer” a lot. :

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