Travel Preparations (Part 04)

I have not forgotten about our travel plans. We are going to pick up DH’s new ID card today and then we will get pictures, fill out forms and submit for a new passport.
My insurance: BlueCross Anthem will not pay for my vaccinations; if the reason is travel. Work would have to authorize them, if payment is involved. This would not happen. So, We are on our own. My doctor does not even have the TDAP (tetness/pertussis/Diptheria vaccination) for adults. Our board of health charges $40; which is the lowest cost so far.
The Health Department does not have the Typhoid, so I have to try two other companies.
Visiting Nurse services and Passport health. I will also check into the Riley/IU Travel clinic to see how much they will charge. And, we might find a Pakistani GP and ask him how much he would charge. Passport health: 844-2990. They can give the PDAT: $75, Typhoid $105. They have a $55 office visit.
Visiting nurse services: 722-8200
Tdap , $65. Typhoid is $80. No office fee. The nurses can not prescribe malaria medication, I must get that from a doctor. I don’t know how much the malaria meds and the anti-diarrhea meds cost, yet. Since I am not sure which Hepatitis shot that I will need, I did not include this. I will have to get a blood test to determine if I have had the A and B. vaccinations. And, Anthem might take care of them, I am not sure.
But, I will also check the cost of the blood test verses the vaccination. I think that I will start keeping an expense sheet of how much it will cost me to travel. This is for my own benefit, but also to show DH and maybe others that it is not cheap to travel and that there are expenses that one does not even think about: the first aid kit and the vaccinations, and…. ….
DH says: just wait until we get to Pakistan and my Uncle Doctor can give you those shots for less. But, he doesn’t realize that I will need to have them “Before “ travel. He calls them robbers.


2 Responses to “Travel Preparations (Part 04)”

  1. Tenerezza Says:

    Hi! I live in Pakistan and I do not have either the typhoid vaccination and neither do I take malaria medication. I have been living here for the past three years and I am doing quite fine. Once in my family somebody had malaria, but it was detected early and he got the right meds. He is fine now. I would not recommend that you get the malaria meds, it is a waste of money in my eyes. For typhoid, I dont think you need it for a short stay… I would rather recommend you get mosquito repellent creams etc… I usually use “Mospell”. It will keep you safe from typhoid as well as malaria and wont harm you… Malaria meds can have heavy side effects. Where will you be going?

  2. some background before we proceed | 30day experience Pakistan through our eyes! Says:

    […] <a title=”Travel preparations part 04″ href=”…“&gt;  travel preparations part 04</a>  [cmore about vaccinations]. […]

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