19 December, 2011 12:01

I thought that I was going to tell the birth story in its entirety, but, there are more pressing things to discuss, so I guess you will get the birth story in small doses when I write about how these other subjects relate to the birth.
I want to tell you that I am pretty emotional about this subject and although I am trying not to let it show, it “will.” Our plan was to exclusively nurse the baby for at least a year. when you are a teen or in your early twenties, many tell you not to nurse. I listened to others with my daughter and did not nurse, although I wanted to. With my first son, second child, he was a preemie and doctors said that he would not be able to nurse. I know differently now, but took their advice. I nursed my third child for a year with no problem. when I say “no problem,” I mean, no lactation consultants, no mastitis, no latching troubles, not even a breast pump. I could hand express 6 to 8 ounces into a bottle within about fifteen minutes, if I had to. But, the fact is that my third child was just a good nurser. And, my milk was coming in strong. with my fourth child, I nursed regularly for three months until he went into the hospital and staff did not give him my breastmilk. (they gave it all back to me when he left). this complication (as well as birth control prescribed by an OB who forgot to tell me that it would dry up my milk) facilitated the end of nursing. With this new baby, I just assumed that my milk would come in strong and I’d be able to nurse.
Although our baby was only born seventeen days early, he has trouble sucking. He just does not want to open his mouth and can’t seem to position his tongue in the right place. I tried nursing when in the hospital, but it seemed that he did not want to eat. when I got home, I nursed exclusively. We have had to go back to the hospital for several blood tests to check on our billyruben (sorry for the incorrect spelling) numbers. Our wonderful little guy was a bit jondice. On thursday of the first week, we met with a pediatrician. His weight had dropped to 5lbs/11oz. She wanted us to go to the hospital for our fourth number reading. she gave us samples of formula which I never wanted to use: yet, that very day, ended up using some because Baby Boy was hungry, he would not take the breast and we had to weight on a taxi to take us to the hospital for no less than two hours. After the blood test, we had to wait another 90minutes for a taxi to take us home. I blame this whole taxi fiasco on DH, if he was a more generous “tip giver,” (forget “more generous” I’d settle for him being just a “tip giver”) we would have a couple of these guys on stand by.
By that next monday, (another Doctor’s visit), his jondice had gone down a bit, but his weight had only increased by two ounces. After consulting two lactation consultants, (I delivered at one hospital and my pediatrician is affiliated with another; so I got the benefit of consultants at two different hospitals), it was concluded and affirmed that my milk was not in. He would nurse for a bit of time, but he was not getting much of my milk. I had to supplement. Now, I hate formula! I thought several times about listing the 100 reasons that I think that nursing is best. that would bore you! but, I got up to thirty-one. I’d be willing to share with anyone who is interested. (smile)
My milk is still not in. I try to nurse at least once a day. I pump about seven to ten times a day. I eat oatmeal, drink pineapple juice, try to consume hot beverages around the time of nursing, etc. the recommendations of Fenugreek tea are inconclusive, but I have tried it


5 Responses to “19 December, 2011 12:01”

  1. Neo Says:

    Good for you for not giving up! I’m sure your milk will come in soon. Just try to relax and take it easy. I would definitely try fenugreek supplements and also fennel seed. Fennel seed definitely helps increase milk supply. You can make tea, add it to plain water, even chew the seeds…they remind me of licorice. And just remember, although I am a strong advocate of breastfeeding, most or all of the formulas made today are very very close to breastmilk compared to what they used to give babies! So don’t be too hard on yourself if you have to supplement.

    • jamily5 Says:

      thanks! I’ll try Fennel seed, but have to find it first. (smile) Sometimes I pump 2oz and can give him an entire breastmilk bottle. Other times, I pump for 20mins and get less than 0.5 oz. And, there is no rhuyme or reason. Sometimes it is two hours later and sometimes it is four. I am still trying to nurse, but it seems that he is still not getting anything. And, even when I pump, it takes my milk a good 5-10 mins to start flowing. I don’t know why. But, I have to accept it! I’ll try to do my best and that is it. Hey, do you know which formula is most like breastmilk?????? thanks.

  2. Neo Says:

    I didn’t use formula often with my son, but when I did, I used Similac. He got a bad diaper rash when I tried Enfamil once, but every baby is different. I did notice when he drank Similac his stools (caution: Gross alert) looked and smelled most similar to when he was drinking breastmilk. Like I said, though, I rarely supplemented. He usually refused formula. I can get you some fennel seed. I actually have a HUGE bag of it. Let me know and I could drop it off to you tomorrow.

    • jamily5 Says:

      Yes! That would be great! I don’t even know where to get it and am still only getting 1 to 2 ounces per pump. It is worth a try. Thanks.

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