Ganja Bacha

It finally happened. Last sunday, when my LO was exactly 9 weeks (ok, eight weeks overdue), he was shaved. I was emotional, but it happened. Here’s the story.
We have a friend from Gambia who sometimes takes DH to the Mosque. His Wife, E. is American and christian. I never se her at the mosque. They have a son, “Little E.” Their son is named after A’s father. We see A much more than we see the rest of the family because A usually helps us with transportation, when he is not working his two jobs. A also calls DH to check in quite frequently. It is obvious that A likes DH’s friendship. This is one of the truly authentic friendships that we have made while going to mosques. A, the friend, said that he would shave our LO’s head. We could not find a Muslim Barber and I wanted someone who had actually “done” it before. A said that he shaved his son’s head at 2weeks, after waiting one week and not finding a barber of his own. I was Still skeptical, but didn’t want to offend. And, my anxiety increased when A asked for soap (I gave shaving cream) and water, after unwrapping his freshly purchased straight razor. I didn’t mean to be rude, (Hasn’t anyone heard of Razor burn … … and on a little Baby, just for the sake of obedience??????), I asked many questions in hopes of feeling some type of comfort. I must admit, I could not watch it all. I mean, I could not stay in the room when the razor first touched his head. All I could think about was that hair falling to the floor and my baby being nicked by the razor. But, A took it all in good stride. He went very slow and kept talking to the baby and DH and even me (long distance) until I felt comfortable enough to join them. In fact, he was so good with LO (genuinely talking, playing, smiling) that I *had to relax a bit. when A first visited us, after I was out of the hospital, the first thing he did was to see/hold the baby. Actually, I think his words were: “Where is the Baby, I want to see and hold the baby first.” He immediately began talking and smiling with the baby. (I’ll try to attach a pic of Baby boy in his hat and being held by our baby-friendly barber). You don’t get that much from a guy. It was obvious that he had been around babies before and thoroughly enjoyed them. Now, when he comes over, he always asks to see the baby, first. I expressed my feelings to A who tried to reassure me. Although it took a long time; Yes, A was quite careful and eventually used his electric razor, the deed was finally done.Baby boy only cried a bit. He cried because he had to be put in different positions. A washed his head and played/talked/cooed with the baby until he smiled. I have done a thorough check (grimmacing at the stubble), and no nicks, cuts or razor burns. Then, without my asking, A gathered up the hair and asked if I wanted to keep it. DH remarked how crazy it was to keep hair, but A figured that I would want to keep it — and I did. Now, the very small portion of hair that I have is locked in a zip lock baggy, ready to go in Baby Boy’s scrapbook, if I can ever get someone over here to help me write and organize it.
While I was emotional about his hair being shaved, and I was really concerned when that straight razor blade touched my LO’s head; my mood was overshadowed by the obvious pride that DH (and A as well) felt by doing it. I keep putting hats on his head to hide the stubble from any tactile contact. But, I know that there is a certain pride, a certain joyful feeling that one gets when they “know” that they are obeying God/Allah and that God/Allah is also proud that his mandates are carried out. It is as if a large burden has been shaved off of DH’s shoulders, as well. and, now, everytime DH holds the baby, he feels pride in his obedience. so, for now, LO is affectionately “ganja Bacha,” — “Bald child.” … … It sounds better in
Since A was so good at shaving Baby Boy’s hair (and consequently named our barber), I tried to convince him to shave DH’s beard. But, it just wasn’t my day!


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