tick tock watch the clock — TIME to update

There are probably almost as many songs that are written about time, as their is Love. I could probably rattle off ten from the top of my head. “time in a bottle,” “time after time,” “time for love,” “time to cry,” … And, we haven’t even mentioned books, TV shows, movies, etc.
you get the picture.
Hmm, next baby shower I plan, I’ll have to make that a game. (three minutes to write down all the songs with “baby” in the title. — then three minutes to write down all the songs you can think of with “time” in the title).
Anyway, Without time, Love, joy and sorrow would not know a beginning or an end. DH tells a story about a man who wants to speed up time. His life is like a spool of thread and whenever he wants to speed up time, he just pulls on the string.
The baby is now thirteen weeks old. I already feel like “time” is going way to fast. No, he has not hit any specific developmental stage. He does smile more and try to grab objects. He has grown out of his newborn outfits. but, it just does not seem like he has been here for thirteen whole weeks. I don’t want to pull the string, I want to slow the flow. sure, I want to pull the string when he is fussy and I can’t seem to comfort him. But, all in all, I know that we are gaining momentum and will soon be ariving at each birthday at breakneck speed. I’ll be the only one aware of our spedometer. the baby will insist that we are going too slow. and, my hair is getting “whiter” by the minute. (smile)
In other matters:
Just another blog.
I realize that not everyone wants to hear about my musings as a parent. Sure, it is part of “our” relationship, but I thought I might spare my few readers too much talk about daily baby happenings.
So, I am going to start a new blog.
I’ll let you know when it is up, just in case you want to check it out. Hey, it will probably have more pics — if that is any type of incentive!and it will chronicle all the normal baby stages. But, it also will talk about parenting as a blind person. I talk about the effects of intercultural and interfaith issues on the Baby.
I’ll still write about the baby from time to time. And, I’ll try to link to my other blog when applicable.


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2 Responses to “tick tock watch the clock — TIME to update”

  1. Roshni Says:

    Your musings on time were very profound! It does pass way too fast; and particularly, when we enter a new faze of life that contrasts with that which has come before; we may wonder why we ever laughed/cried/sang/remained silent, whatever the new faze brings. I can’t imagine how motherhood must intensify that feeling, so your posts about the baby are very educational for me. Looking forward to the new blog; I don’t know how you find the time for all that you share! But I’m glad you do; make sure you keep up with this blog though, its such a powerful narrative to your incredible journey as a couple and now as a family.

    • jamily5 Says:

      Hey, I have not heard from you in so long! hahaha! I don’t have much time. Usually, the baby is on my shoulder when I write. And, wordpress did something strange, so I have lots of posts on my computer that have not gotten on to the blog. right now, the males of the house are sleeping. I am tired, but if I lay back down, I’ll never get back up. the baby is a little less fussy as he gets a bit older.

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