Ok, so I have…


Ok, so I have made an attempt at starting another blog.

But, seriously, I need some wordpress tutorials so that I can learn how to post links, pictures, a bit of media (like the wonderful voice of my baby) and such.

Yes, I know that WordPress has tutorials. they are full of phrases like “when you see,” “On the left side of the screen,” and “Click on.” these tips don’t help.

so, I tried uploading a pic of my baby and I on December 1st (four days after birth). We were in the hospital waiting room checking his jaundice levels.

Hope that it goes through. ?????? Let me know, if you can.


Oh, and the new blog, just in case you don’t have enough blogs to read already, is


Yeah, I thought about tumblr, But, I think that I just need to learn wordpress instead of switching blog sites. Yes, I tried blogspot.

I thought about livejournal, but, decided to just learn wordpress. Now, it is off to find an accessible tutorial.



One Response to “ Ok, so I have…”

  1. Roshni Says:

    Jan; not sure if this will help you but try http://www.blindcooltech.com there are loads of amazing tutorials on there for every thing and if they don’t have one they will often make one for you! The tutorials are simple; so simple in fact even I can follow them! I’ve never used wordpress; but find blog spot quite easy most of the time, let me know how you get on x

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