miscelaneous updating

Well, this is kind of a discombobulated post. But, wanted to at least update a bit.
First, I can’t click on facebook pictures and download them to my computer and then post them here. And, somehow, I can’t locate a text message and email it to myself to download the graphics, either.
So, for now, I’ll just put in the link to My facebook page where you can see the growing number of pics.If you friend me, send me a msg telling me that we know each other from the blog and I’ll confirm so you can see pics, etc. My daughter takes them all. — Well, she takes most of them. sometimes she is slow in updating: But, We have to give her some slack. She is getting married on April 1st and is hiding her nervousness quite well!
Yes, she is marrying her formerly norman fiancee on April 1st. She will sing him a couple of songs at the reception. She has planned out each and every part of the wedding. Her brothers (Military Man, Mr. Basketball and Sir Audio) [although she has at least four other half brothers from her father and now one little tiny half brother from me]) will stand with her. Her fiancee’s sisters are standing with him. So, she has Bride’s men and he has Groom’s maids. (smile) A bit untraditional. If I can, though, I will post pics.
DH and I are in the process of buying a house. It feels quick, but the time is now. We have saved up some money and “were” going to take a trip to pakistan. the trip has been put on hold for… …. who knows how long. We have had family issues which have altered our plans. In a nutshell, I don’t think that he wants to leave his sister behind: not while she is pregnant — and probably not after she has the child. So, since the economy for house buying is quite good, we are going to try to buy. We found one wonderful house that was only 36k — period. I mean, he (the owner) was just trying to get rid of it. He only bought it to make some money and since he can’t make money, he is selling it cheaply. It is close to work, has four bedrooms, is 2400sqft, has a neat fenced yard and is in a good neighborhood. The prob is that it is a great starter house, if you know how to fix it up. There needs some electrical work to be done, a furnace and AC needs to be installed, gutters need to be put on the house and probably many other repairs. We are not good with that, so we won’t buy it. But, the yard is kept up, the neighborhood is wonderful, other houses on the block are going for tripple that amount, etc. Anyway, we are looking to buy a house that is larger (hopefully at least three bedrooms and at least 1600sqft) and closer to his work.
The baby is doing well. I’m still pumping, but he won’t nurse. It still makes me sad if I think about it and even when/if I try to encourage him to nurse, b/c he doesn’t want to. Encouraging him to nurse sets a cycle into motion that I would rather not deal with, so I don’t do it often. But, I am pumping and have managed to save about six/eight ounces a day since January 27th. OK, there are some days when I have not been able to save. But, for the most part, I have put away some milk to freeze. I am going to have to give back the hospital rented “Lactina” from Medela pump and start using a “purely Yours,” from Ameda that I bought off of Craig’s list. I hope that I can keep up the supply. As of now, I have not taken the contraversial Reglan. But, I have a filled prescription for it, so can start at any time. If I do start, it will be at a time when someone is with me to make sure that there are not any effects that I can’t handle.
the baby is rolling from side to stomach and side to back. But, he can’t roll from stomach to back, yet. He does love being on his stomach, though. He is gurggling more and sometimes reaching for things. the only things that he has been successful at holding onto (with a tight grip) is my hair and the breastpump cords. (UG). But, I talk extensively about our LO and each milestone on my parenting blog
My Blog Parenting Past Perceptions
I resigned from work on February 18th. I was a bit down. I will miss the people and the activities. But, I know that it was the right decision for me. It comes down to: “what/who will I miss more?” No contest. And, honestly, day care would have been too much money. We would barely get to see our wonderful baby. I would still have the tasks of housecleaning and dinner making. I think I said it before: if I worked, I might be bringing in money, but I would not be a good mother, a kind wife or a efficient worker. I just know me. We will probably have money issues and arguments down the line, but for now: I am where I need to be.
That is about it for now.


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2 Responses to “miscelaneous updating”

  1. Sleeping Mom Says:

    That’s great you’re still pumping even with the challenges of your baby not nursing!

  2. fred Says:

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