the hunt!

I have mentioned it before, we are looking for a house. The truth is, since we didn’t go to PK, we have decided to step up the hunt for a good house.
Last Friday, my daughter and I went to look at four houses. One of them was only 36k, but needed lots of work. We know nothing about house fixing and although her fiancee does, he doesn’t have time. I liked house3 the best.
I thought of posting the links, but then, the address would be displayed and maybe that is just a bit TMI. I’ll post pics when we decide to buy or if I can get the pics without displaying the address.
Muslims are not suppose to benefit from or pay interest. So, we are trying to get money together so that we won’t have to obtain a loan/mortgage — or better put, (obtain a loan that will result in interest). so, we might get a loan from Muslim brothers, etc. I am not sure, yet.
. i am trying to learn everything that i can about the buying process. There are classes on “house buying,” from the City Neighborhood Housing Project, but when I called them, they said that since I was not getting a loan or paying a mortgage, I would not benefit from the classes. the only advice they gave me was to obtain an independent inspection and appraisal. They say that the cost is worth it. DH wants to find any Government programs or such that “gives you assistance.” But, the only ones that I find mandate that you have a mortgage or get a loan for a mortgage.
Our qualifications include:
*more than 1500sqft,
*at least 3bdrms,
*relatively safe neighborhood(although this is kind of subjective),
*Relatively Good school system(although this is also a bit subjective),
*no fixing up or repairs necessary,
*close to work — on the NorthWest side of city,
*close to a busline (preferred),
*wood or tile floors (preferred),

I know to ask about the age and servicing of the furnace and hot water heater. I am not a fan of the wooden windows and like the newer windows with the good locks. I know to check the roof, crawl space, flood damage, plumming, septic or city water and flooring. I know to ask about the utility bills. Did I forget anything?
i would love to hear about your house experiences — good and bad. please share.


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One Response to “the hunt!”

  1. Roshni Says:

    Oh; just scanning this post made me stress in a big way! I bought my house 6 years ago, for no other reason than loving the vibe of it! I still love my apartment; though its really tested my commitment; I’ve had flooding, dry rot; the water heater blew up; and I had no hot water for 2 years because I just couldn’t afford to replace it! I admire your principals, but in reality I found there was no way of avoiding the mortgage/loan, and if you actually examine some of the so-called Islamic mortgages, they carry interest too! Its just that its interest in another name! Anyway, there is allot I’d do differently next time around! Thankfully, we’ll be a couple next time we have to move and buy a house, so I won’t be so emotional which I’m sure will help! Good luck; hope you find the nest that is right for you and family!

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