Wedding summary

This is the first message that I am sending from my iPhone. I hope it works. This is just a summary of my daughter’s wedding. I will talk more in detail about my impressions, my role, the baby, and the wedding details in a later post. Hopefully, I will also have more pictures. This picture should be my daughter in her wedding dress. I hope it sends. My daughter married on April 1 of 2012. She married a man named Isaac shoafw. There were approximately 200 attendance at the wedding. We got some pictures, but not nearly enough. The wedding was wonderfully planned and beautiful. Sure, I have some suggestions that could make it better. But, I’ll talk about that in a later post. Dominica sang a song for Isaac at the wedding. The song was from Adele. I think the name of the song is well, I don’t know the name of the song. The first line of the song is: you have been on my mind. I don’t know the name. Anyway, her brothers two of them, were brides men and his three sisters were grooms mates. Her colors were purple and white and black She did not have the wedding in a church. It was in a hall called the loft .
Her wedding started at four. The reception and did at 10 o’clock. There was no alcohol present. But, the local band which she liked so much played for the wedding and the reception. And, the songs were in good taste they were all very kid friendly Although, they spend a lot of time on pictures. She wanted to get pictures at a few different places. For example, she got pictures at the hotel and at a place with lots of greenery that looked like gardens. I didn’t go to the gardens because the baby was a bit fussy. But we went to the loft where she would be married, and we took pictures there. The groom’s father married them. They wrote heir own vows , which centered around the “I choose you. They were good Vals. They also had a rememberance candal for those people who passed away, and unity candle to light. Anyway, my daughter is now married and on to her honeymoon. She is honeymooning in Las Vegas and driving down to San Diego to see Her brother DJ who could not make it to the wedding. It should be a good trip. Well, enjoy the picture and I will post more about the wedding.


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  1. Neo Says:

    She looks beautiful and it sounds like it was a lovely, well-thought out ceremony. Congratulations! Now you have a new son to welcome into your family 🙂

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