Humari Rishta: Gori, Desi, Rishta, Shadi kahani!

We are an intercultural, interfaith couple with blindness and age gap issues. We are feeling our way through the religious and cultural mazes that are constant on this joyous journey. sure, there are mountains and valleys of different lengths, textures and sometimes our own roots into our own culture and our own family system act as stumbling blocks. sometimes the shields that we resurrect to keep out the chill of exclusion or the sting of criticism also works as a barrier against trust and affection. The only destroyer of such man-made obstacles is the honest communication and love found between two hearts. , And it is all worth it when:
we are able to identify and appreciate the shape and texture of another’s heart which has been sculpted by culture and experience,
We are able to offer a tender and comforting hand to our partner when they stumble or start to take a path that leads them away from our journey together,
we are able to stand on the foundation of commitment and experience; as the wonderful memories help bind us as one,
we enjoy the fragrant aroma of the flower of peace which seems to waft through our lives,
we are rejuvinated by the breeze of compromise
and we are able to hear in our ears, our own voices singing the melodious song of love that is uniquely ours.

ok, a bit too mello dramatic. But, this blog is about our relationship and all of our joys and struggles:
as culture, family, faith, disability, community, values and the world effects our lives. I try to be as honest as possible, yet, maintain some privacy out of respect for the intimate details of our lives. I welcome email and comments! I try not to shy away from the sensitive subjects: but find that I can better write about them when I gain a bit of prospective.
I don’t think that Imran (I use his name through the blog and am too tired to change each instance to a letter) will ever give his perspective. But, I’ll try to summarize it when I can.
this is life — our life.
I hope that you can take something away from this blog.
And, to those in similar situations: or those who just find us interesting; welcome to my blog!
I hope to get to know you, as well.
don’t be a stranger.
And, by all means, drop me a line.


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