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South Asian alergies

August 3, 2012

I’ll have to cross post this with my parent blog and I am writing off the cuff, so excuse any mistakes.
But, I wanted information and I know that I could have went to fb and might, but thought I’d post here.

DH and all of his friends report that their parents have warned them about foods that have “hot properties.” No, we are not talking spicy… which is what I’d be talking about when I say “hot.” But, I have not figured out what “hot properties,” actually means. What I have is a list of foods that have these certain properties. The list includes: eggs, (foremost) nuts and mangos. No one can eat too many of these because they get nose bleeds and/or persistent boils.

My theory is that south Asian mothers feed their children/babies eggs too soon (less than a year) and this creates a food allergy to eggs and foods that have related proteins. This would not explain the “mangos” but would explain the nuts. My theory is not based in any Scientific data at all. It only comes from the fact that his family keeps wondering when I am actually going to feed the baby “real food,” and not steamed and strained fruits and vegetables — of which, actually, they don’t even e Just because eggs are soft does not mean that his digestion system can handle them … .. and, I’m the one who has to clean up after him. So, my feeding regiment stands.
Has anyone else heard of these allergies and might know what might be happening here?