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My dog knows Urdu

November 5, 2010

Imran and I have decided to walk after he gets home from work. this is partly because I need to walk and want him to walk with me. I want to be more healthy. and, part of this stems from the fact that he would like to see if he can run or walk the mini marathon in March. It is a new experience for him and I need as much exercise as I can get.
Besides, we talk while we walk.
I am usually in front with Fallbrook and he follows behind with his cane.

So, today, we were walking. Now, on these walks, I am picking up more Urdu.
“chalo Niklo.”
and our most recent favorite,
“chalo bhago!”
After some training, my dog, Fallbrook, now knows this phrase and when I say it, he speeds up.
So, not only am I learning Urdu, but my dog knows Urdu, also.
this is big points for Fallbrook in Imran’s book.
Especially after last night when we passed at least twenty snarling growling dogs. they all were on leashes and behind fences, but that didn’t make them less frightening. But, they sounded close and Imran announced after walking:
“I hate dogs!”
So, tonight was much better.
Hopefully we will be
“chalo bhago – ing” for quite some time.
I like starting new habits!