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February 9, 2010

Ok, so as I am reading blogs like:
Gori Girl,
the Gori Wife Life,
Southern Masala
and Susie’s Big Adventure,
it occurs to me that if their husband is Muslim, the women have converted to Islam.
So, people might ask me why I have not converted to Islam, as my friendly bloggers have done.
Here it is in a nutshell,
my Christianity consists of the following:
Christ was perfect. Even Muslims believe that he was faltless. Of course, they believe what the Quran says about Jesus, not what the Bible says about him, and obviously, the Quran says considerably less than the bible says.
But, nonetheless, Christ was perfect. Now, there is the debate about “sonship” and I have read lengthy discussions and discertations on the subject.
But, what it all comes down to is this:
I want to behave and conduct my life as Christ conducted his life. I want to (as closely as I can) follow in his footsteps. And, I will continue to do so.
I will pray to God and Yes, I do acknowledge that we (The Christians, Muslims and the Jews) pray to the same God.
I will respect my Muslim life partner.
But, I will follow Christ.
And, we will live harmoniously because, Imran (I still will use his name and not an initial) respects my beliefs and supports my choices as well as how I behave and act in certain situations. and, I don’t try to control his beliefs or actions.
if/when we do disagree, I note that for the most part, most of our disagreements could be had between myself and other christians. so, it is not specifically religion that divides us, it is our own personal views.
In fact, I have found many Islamic passages that would support most of my actions. At least, those that are not connected to prayer, communion or church.
To convert would be to betray christ and I won’t do that. This is the bottom line.


finding the Milano

February 8, 2010

I have been reading many blogs on the net. One woman, Neokalypso talks about her relationship being like a Milano cookie. Hmmm, I have to find them and try them. In any case, finding similar couples:
I must admit that Imran is not that interested in couples in similar nature. He is perfectly find to be the only intercultural couple … … at least that is what he says.
I always look for them. It makes me feel less of an inigma, sometimes.
Let’s see: who do we know?
There are the Browns. He is from Jamaica, and she is a small town American caucasion. I am not sure if it is the blind thing – or the fact that I was a single parent at the time. But, they are trying hard to “fit in.” And, they are both Christian, so really would not work.
I don’t know any Muslim/Christian couples.
I have searched for them.
Ok, another reason for me to move to a larger city.
Although, I do have some qualms about this because I hate not knowing who I am interacting with.
I mean: I know that the grocer also goes to church at a certain church and has children my age… …etc.
I won’t know that in a larger city.
But, I still might find intercultural/interfaith couples.
But, will the disability thing always divide us?
And, among the disability community, will the interfaith thing always divide us?
And, so on….
Sometimes, it just seems like we only belong in our own little world and not in any other group.
Oh, wait, there is L. M. who is blind and married an Indian. We got our dogs at the same school. But, he is sighted and during the beginning of Imran and my relationship, I tried connecting with her: asking her about Indian cooking, etc. I think that she was just too busy.
Maybe I should try again.

I have through about starting an intercultural couples group when I get to my capital city. I am suppose to move soon. Yes, “soon” is the right word because it is quite subjective. In any case, I would like to find couples with similar difficulties and experiences. Until I do, I’ll have to enjoy the blogs.